Thursday, 13 November 2014

The Autumn Tag

 I haven't posted a tag post in a while, so I thought Today would be a great opportunity as I have no other posts planned. The lovely Sarah from Ohh So Glam tagged me to do the Autumn Tag, so here it is.

What's Your Favourite Thing About Autumn?
I love the brown and orange leaves that litter the ground. It reminds me of being young and running through all the leaves!

Favourite Autumn Drink?
I love coffee, especially spiced lattes or a mint hot chocolate with cream!

Favourite Autumn Food?
I haven't really got a favourite Autumn food, but in the colder Months I really love home - made shephards pie. It is a real hearty meal, and it really warms me up on a cold evening.

Favourite Autumn Activity? 
I love cuddling up on the sofa, sticking on a cheesy film snuggled up with blankets and a hot water bottle.

Favourite Autumn Candle Scent?
I think my favourite would be cinnamon and apple. I also really like orange and pumpkin scents.

Favourite Item of Clothing/Accessory for A/W 2014?
Soft, thick jumpers and boots are perfect for Autumn Winter, and are always in style. I love a chunky scarf too!
Favourite Lip Product?
I like deep berry reds but I am not always brave enough to pull them off!

Favourite Nail Polish?
I only tend to wear nudes, pinks and pastels, so I would probably say a nude shade.

Go-To Autumn Makeup Look?
A nude eye, dark eye liner and mascara, subtle highlight and blush and a dark lip.

What's Top on Your Autumn Wishlist?
I am looking for a Autumn/Winter coat, preferably in navy blue.

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