Thursday, 26 September 2013

Boots Christmas Shop Is Now Open!

Just a little heads up guys for all you organised Christmas Shoppers like me!
Heres the link:


Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Not On The High Street Review

First of all, I will tell you in advance that this may well be one of the longest blog posts I have written in a long time. Hopefully you will find it as interesting and enjoyable as I have done writing it.

The products that will be featured on this post are from a popular online store called 'Not On The High Street'.* If you are not familiar with this web site, they are well known for their quirky and unique gift items and home furnishings.

I spent a long time browsing through the website, they have such a huge selection of different things it took such a long time to choose what I wanted. They have such a great selection of different items; from home ware, to gifts, fashion, accessories, garden-ware, weddings, pets, and much more.

The first item I am going to share with you is a beautiful pair of Sterling Silver stud earrings by Love The Links which are shaped as tiny little coat hangers. (Link here). I was immediately interested in them as they were so different to anything I had seen on the high street before. I love quirky and random pieces of jewelry, and as a self-confessed clothes hoarder, I knew these cute little coat hanger earrings were perfect for me. They are very affordable at only £4.99, so they wont break your budget.

The next item I ordered from Not On The High Street was a beautiful rose gold word bangle by Lisa Angel. (Link here). It is a stunning bangle which is loose on the wrist, with the wording 'Be True To Yourself' engraved onto the outside of the bangle. The bangle looks classy and elegant, yet very simple which will stand out as a statement piece in a simple outfit. The bangle is plated metal, which means it wont leave marks on your skin, as some other bangles would do. This product in particular came in such beautiful packaging, you can tell a lot of thought, time and effort is given to their designs.

The final item I ordered was this pretty black and white floral dress from Jolie Moi. (Currently Unavailable). The dress looks like a skater dress, but can be worn very formal or casual too. The material is quite thick and the pattern on the dress are of a velvet effect, which makes it feel such good quality. I find this such a beautiful dress which you could wear to many occasions, such as; a Wedding, a party, an evening out, or even in the day time with some simple flats.


I was seriously impressed with the quick delivery times that all three of my items were dispatched and delivered to my door. I also found that each company put extra effort into their beautiful packaging.
Some items are limited stock, so you are guaranteed they are quite unique and individual styles you wont see on the high street. If you fall in love with a product on the site, I would recommend taking advantage while it is in stock.
I would highly recommend shopping with Not On The High Street as you will find them helpful, presenting great customer service, and the products are unique and like nothing I have seen before.

Check out the website to see what other beauties you can find!

Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Percy & Reed Colour & Shine Conditioner

Percy & Reed Really Rather Radiant Colour & Shine Conditioner

This was a freebie in a magazine a few Months ago. I forget which one, but I mainly picked it up to give this a whirl as I had heard lots about the brand. Does anyone else do that, buy a magazine just for the freebies? Anyway, I have used this about eight times now. The texture is a little similar to a moisturiser, and is white in colour. It smells a little like body moisturiser too. 

I have got to be honest, I wasn't overly impressed with this product. I am glad I tried the smaller bottle and didn't fork out for a full sized bottle with the hefty price tag of £16. It just isn't worth the money in my opinion, it is just like any old conditioner you could pick up at a supermarket. My hair still felt a little greasy after I dried it too, so I was really unimpressed. I am yet to try any other Percy & Reed products but I wouldn't purchase this in the future.

If you are interested, the full sized 250 ml bottle of this is available from John Lewis online  here.

Thursday, 19 September 2013

MUA Pro - Base Fixing Mist

MUA Pro - Base Fixing Mist

£5, MUA/Superdrug

I have never really got the craze over fixing mists. I have seen hundreds upon hundreds of posts on the infamouse Urban Decay one, but I just can't justify the price for a spray of liquid to go over my face. I just didn't get it. I picked this up though a few Months back now to see if it was worth the hype and if it was even any good.

I found that the MUA Pro Base Fixing Mist was very cooling and refreshing to apply onto the face after putting on heavy make up. My make - up seems a little more 'flawless' and less matte after using this spray. I must say if you spray it too close to your eyes though, eyeliner will run. All down your face. Nice.

I am not sure really on how much longer this products helps to make my make up stay in place, longer than it would without it. But my foundation and blusher stay put much more when using this, especially in the hot weather conditions we have had in the UK as of late.

What are your thoughts on make up fixing sprays?

Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Nivea Double Effect Shower & Shave Review

Nivea Double Effect Shower & Shave 

I am sure if you have been reading my blog for a while, you will be aware of my huge love for the brand Nivea. I think for such a simple, affordable brand they do so well on every day use products and they aren't praised highly enough of from bloggers. I sometimes think when we all join the bandwaggon with the expensive 'high end' beauty products we forget there are some brilliant, reasonably priced alternatives you can pick up for under a fiver.
I featured this product in my July favourites and it seems it is a popular product amongst some of you too. I know it is a little random to be writing a post on effectively just a shower gel, but I really do rate this top marks as it is fantastic for both price and quality.

This shower gel is aimed specifically for women shaving, an alternative to using shaving foam or gel. It is a good quality product as it leaves your legs feeling smooth, soft and silky after use.
The scent is gorgeous; with it being 'soothing avocado oil and delicate passion fruit scent'. It retails for between £1-£3 according from where you purchase it from - I have seen it dotted in a few pound shops recently though, so pick one up if your local store has one!

What is your favourite body or skin care product under £5?

Thursday, 12 September 2013

Tresemme Instant Refresh Waterless Foam

Tresemme Instant Refresh Waterless Foam

I picked this product a few Months back now as it was ina special value pack with a shampoo for a reasonable price. I was intrigued and had never heard of a waterless foam shampoo before. I thought the concept sounded a little odd so have been giving it a go!

I haven't got a lot to say about it really. It is basically just a foam which you put all over your hair, for me it didn't refresh my hair at all and I just didn't see much point in it. I would much rather just use ry shampoo or just wash my hair! Just that I am not particularly bothered with it. It isn't something I would purchase again.

I wasn't sure whether to post this here, but you know when you try something a little bit odd and it just does... nothing? I wondered if any of you had tried this? I haven't seen anything about it reviewed before, I was wondering what your thoughts on this might be?


Wednesday, 11 September 2013

The Skin Regime Review and GIVEAWAY!

A while back I posted about a book called 'The Skin Regime' - a book about skin care and skin peels by a lady called Dana. She kindly sent me some sample skin peels before, which I really liked. This time she sent full sized bottles of the new '1-4-all' skin peels, which is what I am here to review for you all!

The skin peels are best to use a fair few hours before bed. They are very simple to use: firstly, you clean your face with Dove soap then apply the skin peels onto cotton pads and apply to the face, leaving for a few minutes then washing it off afterwards. It does feel very tingly and initially I wasn't sure whether I liked it. Having using the skin peels every day for a few weeks instead of my usual skin care routine, I got used to the tingly sensation and realised how quicker it was than my normal routine. 

The results from using the 1-4-all skin peels has been fantastic. I noticed in a few days that my natural red blemishes on my cheeks calmed down so much. I do get spots often, but having using this it seems I have only had one or two appear on my face compared to the usual dozen!  My skin feels more glowing and smooth, I feel a lot more confident in my own skin and don't feel I have to pile on tonnes of foundation to cover my blemishes any more. 

In conclusion, I think the skin peels are very effective and a great alternative to other types of skin care. I really would recommend this product to anyone that needs a boost of confidence with their skin.

Dana has also very kindly offered one of my lovely readers a chance to win a copy of her fabulous book and a sample of the 1-4-all peel! All you have to do is simply use the rafflecopter below to be in for the chance of winning! Good luck!
All you have to do to enter the giveaway is follow the steps below on the Rafflecopter. You can do this by following my blog, and following myself and TheSkinRegime on twitter! All the Best! x

a Rafflecopter giveaway

We Are Fashion AW/13 Event

We are Fashion Autumn /Winter 2013 Event

Hi everyone. A few weeks ago I was kindly invited to a fashion preview event, sharing the upcoming trends for Autumn/Winter 2013. There was a fab catwalk show with girls from Vero Moda, Internacionale, New Look, Warehouse strutting their stuff on the cat walk showing us the lovely new collections they have to offer.
It was fab seeing what gorgeous trends are in style for the upcoming seasons - there was a stunning jacket from New Look I had my eye on which I spotted on one of girls on the catwalk which I have since been out and purchased !
We were very lucky to be given lots of yummy pizza and drinks, a great dj, as well as chats with ladies from NO 7, Maxfactor, Origins, Pleats Please, Smashbox, whom offered lots of beauty tips and tricks.
We were very kindly given a lovely goodie bag too with lots of lovely things which I am very grateful for.
It was great catching up with the lovely local bloggers as always. Thank you to the organisers of the event as you put on a fantastic evening which I thoroughly enjoyed!   
Just to let you all know if you are local to the area (Merry Hill/Birmingham) that there is a fashion take over from the 13th - 15th September where there are lots of offers to be had and great discounts on some of our favourite stores, such as Vero Moda and The Body Shop! You can pick this voucher booklet up from the concierge in Merry Hill! There will also be lots going on around the centre so be sure to pop down if you are local to the area!

Both Photographs belong to the westfield photographer

Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Soap and Glory Peaches And Clean

Soap and Glory Peaches and Clean
4-in-1 Wash Off Deep Cleansing Milk

I came across this deep cleansing milk a good few Months ago now in storage. I had it in the Big Soap and Glory gift set at Christmas, but hadn't got round to using it. I love the majority of S & G products and am forever singing their praises, I am glad to say this has become another one of my all - time favourites!

This product is a multi - purpose cleanser in effect. It promotes to smooth the skin, be a general natural cleansing soap, soften skin and purify, and deep cleanse, to give the skin a flawless, brighter and clearer complexion. 
I use it on a night time when removing my make - up, as it does a fab job of removing all of my make up! I'm not sure that is the aim, but my skin feels much brighter after I have been using this for a good few weks now. It is so easy to use too - if you are lazy with skin care like me, you just dab a bit on to your face, massage into your skin, then wash off! It is so quick and easy, my skin feels rejuvinated and fresh on a night time.

This fab product costs £8 from Boots!

Have you tried any S&G Skin Care?

Thursday, 5 September 2013

Nivea Lip Balm in Milk & Honey

Nivea Milk & Honey

If you have read my blog for a while, you will know I blog about everything and anything. I ramble a lot here on my blog (and in real life, to, for the record) and if I like something, however random it may be, I like to share it.

Lip balms are something I own a lot of. I always have sore, chapped lips, and whenever a Brand brags about their new lip balms, I have to have it.

This lip balm is by Nivea, a brand I never stop going on about as I love it so much. This is the Nivea Pure Natural Lip Balm in Milk & Honey. The smell and taste of this lip balm is gorgeous, I cannot help but keep licking my lips. The lip balm is very soothing and moistursing, if you tend to get very sore dry lips like me this is a great product for you.

This is a really affordable product too, costing only £1.99 from Superdrug.

Are you a lip balm fiend like me? What is your favourite lip balm?