Saturday, 30 August 2014

Vintage Style Silver Cross Dangle Earrings from Oh Hello Mango

How absolutely stunning are these Vintage Style Silver Cross Dangle Earrings? I absolutely love them. I love the vintage style of these - they kind - of remind me of Celtic patterned jewellery. They look great as they are so pretty and delicate, but also add a subtle vintage chic to an outfit.

I think the pictures speak for themselves to show how dainty and pretty the earrings* are. I am so impressed with them and I love this sort of style - my Sister has already been eyeing them up!

They feel like they are made really well and are of a really good quality. I think for the price of the jewellery on Oh Hello Mango Etsy Store; which is insanely reasonable, these are a great buy and I would personally recommend having a good look on the Etsy page.
My earrings arrived really well packaged and in great condition. You can tell the seller takes great care and pride in her products!

Naomi is the lady behind Oh Hello Mango, which is her own Etsy Shop which she very recently launched. Go ahead and have a further look at some of her other beautiful pieces, I particularly like the Silver Open Square Necklace - so pretty and different to anything I have seen before!

Naomi has ever so kindly offered my readers a fantastic discount code - enter ZOE30 at the checkout to receive a really generous 30% off your order! The discount code is valid up until the 12th September 2014.

You can check out Naomi's other gorgeous pieces on her Etsy Store Oh Hello Mango. Naomi also writes a fantastic blog also named Oh Hello Mango. It is a great read so do check it out!

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Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Inika Lip Liner in 03 Sugar Plum

Inika Lip Liner, Available from My Pure for £13.50 *currently £12.15*

I am sure you have all heard of the brand Inika before. They are a pure and natural make up brand which is certified cruelty free and is also a certified vegan make up brand. 
Inika products are stocked online at My Pure; an online store which stocks the best natural products. 
I have used an Inika Make up Brush before and I was really pleased with the quality, so I was keen to try another one of their products. 

Today I am featuring a lip product from Inika, which is the Inika Lip Liner Pencil. I am not usually one for lip liners and just chuck on my lipstick and often wonder why it always bleeds away from my lips, so thought I would venture out of my comfort zone and try out a lip liner. 
The packaging is very sleek and gorgeous. Cased in a protecting box, the black and gold colours make the product look classy and sophisticated.
The pencil feels really creamy and soft, which is something I find difficult in liner pencils as they are often harsh and drag on the skin, this one doesn't. It doesn't hurt my lips when applying so that is another bonus. 
The colour pigmentation is great and I find it really helps to keep any lipstick in place. I tend to apply alot of lip liner onto my lips as a sort - of base for the lipstick, then apply lipstick as normal over the top. For me, this method works really well and keeps my lips looking neat.

The colour 03 Sugar Plum is a really lovely nude/dark pink, which is perfect for every day wear. 

I am impressed overall with the staying power, the pigmentation of the colour and the quality of the liner in general. I would love to try other colours in their shade range of lip liners as this works really well with a lot of my lipsticks!

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Tuesday, 19 August 2014

What I'm Wearing: Floral Bulldog

Flower Bulldog T-shirt - Brat and Suzie*
Floral Headband - New Look
Faux Leather Jacket - Select

Brat and Suzie is a website I am very familiar with. I have been a fan for a while and I absolutely adore this Flower Bulldog T - shirt which I am featuring today. I love the cute bull dog print and the minimal colour, making it perfect to wear with anything. Here I am just wearing jeans and a little leather jacket, but I have since paired it with a skater skirt and layered it over dresses and it works really well.

I think this t - shirt is perfect for Summer: festivals, and holidays! The material is a really good quality and I love that the sleeves are ever-so slightly wide, making it really airy and comfortable to wear. I am usually a little self - conscious of wearing white because I am not the happiest with my own weight, but I feel really comfortable in this as it isn't really thin material.

Have you spotted anything you love on Brat and Suzie recently?

Image from Brat and Suzie

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Trilogy Refresh and Shine Conditioner Review

Trilogy Refresh and Shine Conditioner, available from My Pure for £12.50*

Trilogy is a brand I am fairly familiar with. I have seen many of their products stocked on My Pure , and have heard many a rave review about their hair products. As well as hair care, they also stock skin care and body care. Trilogy are well - known for their products being pure and simple, containing only natural ingredients 

This Month, I decided to try out their Refresh and Shine Conditioner. I really wanted to try out one of their hair products, and decided that this one would be more suited to my hair because my hair always looks very dull, so the refresh and shine properties had me choose this over the other conditioner, which is to help Smooth and Nourish the hair. 
Coming in at over ten pounds at the price of £12.50, it is quite a bit over my price range on what I would normally spend on a conditioner. I really wanted to put it to the test of my average conditioner which I use regularly, to see if quality wins over quantity. 

This conditioner is aimed for all hair types, which is a bonus in my home as all the family have different hair types so everyone can use it. 
The texture of the conditioner feels quite creamy and lathers really well. I tend to leave conditioner on my hair between 5 and 15 minutes, then rinse it off and blow-dry my hair as normal. I feel the conditioner smoothes out my hair quite well, leaving it with a glossy shine to it. My hair feels really clean after use and looks quite healthy. I have quite a dry scalp so sometimes find it difficult finding hair products which wont cause any more further irritation. Trilogy use Aloe Vera, Rosehip and Chamomile in this conditioner to ensure the product hydrates and moisturises the skin, while conditioning the scalp too. I feel this conditioner is a good quality conditioner and works well without adding any extra irritation, so I am really pleased with the results. 

I think I would have better results from the product if I used it with the Trilogy Refresh and Shine Shampoo, but overall I am impressed with the quality of the product. 

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Friday, 15 August 2014

Joe Browns New Season Launch!

I have previously featured Joe Browns on my blog before. I adore their quirky and unique clothing and thought I would let you in on some news - their new season launch which is released today! 

The two themes which the new season is based around is Shangri-La and Sovereignty, and the menswear is inspired by beats, bikes and boards - how exciting!

I thought I would share with you some top picks from the new season launch - here is the link to the brochure if you want to check it out yourself! 

Saturday, 9 August 2014

Photo Box from IWOOT

Being a big fan of quirky and unique gifts from IWOOT  (I Want One Of Those) I couldn't wait to share this lovely little Photo Box with you all. With blogging comes my love of taking photographs.I love polaroid style photos and am starting to build up a little collection of all my photos on instagram. This tin is perfect to store all of my photographs; new and old, as well as being perfect for general storage (like storing your lenses and batteries for your camera!) or even a lunch tin!

This photo box is perfect to store all of those funny photographs we all have - you know the ones - the ones that didn't quite make it to the photo album but are memories that you cherish dearly.
The box is sturdy and quite a large size, I expected it to be half the size so I am really impressed. As you can see, the lid of the tin has a cool looking camera face. It looks very retro and would look great displayed in an office. I love this - it would make a great gift for any photographers or Instagram lovers.

The Photo Box is a really popular product from IWOOT. I can see why - it makes the perfect novelty gift, as well as being useful too.
If you are looking for novelty gifts like this one, check out IWOOT's website as they have a huge selection of quirky and fun gifts to choose from.

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Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Introducing the New Clynol Kera Rebuild Range

Clynol Kera Rebuild

Clynol have created another fantastic range of hair products: Kera Rebuild; which helps to transform damaged, dry, and difficult-to-manage hair into glossy, supple and healthier looking hair.
Clynol's Kera Rebuild products re-build strands of hair at a 'deeper cellular level' - this is made possible because the products include Kerastrong Complex with liquid keratin, which is a fibrous protein with helps in forming the main structural constituent of hair. This actually restructures the hair from its past damaging and after just one application, Clynol state that it restores the hair to its normal condition, by completely strengthening the hair. 

I have very damaged hair due to years of dying and bleaching, as well as the amount of heat I use on my hair on a daily basis. I was hoping to see good things after the promise of such fantastic results from just one use... I wasn't disappointed! I have been using all three products together for the past few weeks and my hair looks completely different in terms of the way it looks and the way it feels. It doesn't look so frazzled and damaged anymore, and it feels such a lot more healthier.

I have reviewed each product from the range below giving a little more detail.

Clynol Kera Rebuild Renew Fortifying Shampoo

Designed to give damaged hair a new lease of life, the Renew Fortifying Shampoo cleanses and rebuilds the hair, leaving the hair feeling silky soft, smooth, moisturized and full of life. A perfect every day shampoo, this cleanses and nourishes my hair. My hair smells and looks just like I walked out of a salon after using it. 

Clynol Kera Rebuild Replenish Restructuring Treatment

Damaged hair is always in need of a deep cleansing treatment, the Replenish Restructuring Treatment is perfect for this. After use, this leaves the hair feeling nourished, stronger and in great condition. I swear by this, I absolutely love it. I have been using it once or twice a week for a pamper treat. It leaves my locks in such amazing condition. It feels as though it literally transforms my damaged, knotty and dull hair to strong, silky soft, bouncy and healthy looking hair. A definite favourite of mine and I cannot recommend enough. 

Clynol Kera Rebuild Youth Spray - Serum

The Spray Serum from the range is a great tool to use on wet and damp hair, to help detangle while brushing through those pesky knots. It aims to rebuild and strengthen the hair structure, while increasing the resilience of the hair. I am really impressed with this product. My hair is much easier to brush through after using this before blow-drying my hair, I really do see and feel the benefits from it.

Clynol Kera Rebuild Hair Range Review

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Sunday, 3 August 2014

Summer Evening Outfit Wishlist

For all of the upcoming Summer parties, I devised a little wishlist of my perfect type of Summer Evening outfit. I love pastels and the simplicity of the sandals, peachy pink dress cinched in with a basic belt and the lace cardigan to add a little extra to the outfit. Of-course I had to include a gorgeous satchel bag, I thought this tan colour would work well with any pastel outfit as well as matching pretty much anything in my wardrobe.