Friday, 29 May 2015

Beauty Bargains of the Week

Hi everyone! Being the bargain hunter that I am, I have found a few good beauty deals this Week that I thought I would share with you. I have had some time off work this Week which meant I spent an evening wasting spending time online window shopping on the internet (Oops). 

Happy Shopping!

Thursday, 28 May 2015

Natural Beauty Buys: Bentley Organic Bodywash with Olive, Tea Tree and Eucalyptus

Natural beauty products are becoming something I am a huge fan of. Until a few Years ago, I used pretty much any bathing or washing product I could get hold of, and was always tempted by a good offer. Nowadays though, as much as I still do love my bargains, I have realised that I have sensitive skin and there are quite a few products which irritate it further. Natural products are great if you suffer from sensitive skin, because there are no 'nasty' ingredients included in the product. Mypure has become one of my most visited websites, as I have been loving their huge range of natural beauty products, particularly their body washes. 

This Month, I have been using the Bentley Organic Body Wash with Olive, Tea Tree and Eucalyptus. I hadn't heard of the Bentley Organic brand before, so I did a little research and found that they specialize in creating a unique range of certified organic products. Bentley Organics ethos is to make 'organic lifestyle choices more accessible for all' by producing natural products which are affordable. This is fantastic, because natural beauty products are usually more costly than an average product, so it is great to find a natural brand which is reasonably priced. 

The body wash itself foams up really well. The body wash lasts a long time. The consistency is thick and feels like of a silky and soft texture. I have also noticed that my skin doesn't react to it, which is good. I really like the scent of the product too, its very fresh and revitalizing - great for a Morning shower. Its a very refreshing body wash and cleanses well too, which is of-course what I mainly look for in a body wash! I would definitely repurchase this product and would be interested in trying more from the brand. 

The Bentley Organic Bodywash is available to buy from Mypure online. 

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Wednesday, 27 May 2015

EcoTools Bamboo 6 Piece Brush Set

I already have quite the collection of make-up brushes, I probably don't need any more but I love a bargain and I love gift sets so I just could not refuse giving this Eco Tools Bamboo 6 Piece Brush Set a whirl. Admittedly, I do already have two of the brushes that are in this set, but they are really useful and great quality I thought it would be great to have a backup as I use them so much.

The 6 piece brush set includes a Blush Brush, Eye Shading Brush, Angled Eyeliner Brush, Concealer Brush,and  Lash & Brow Groomer, all contained in a hemp and cotton case which is ideal for travelling.

The blush brush is perfect for applying blush, and doubles up as a good powder brush or bronzer brush too.
The eye shading brush a brush I already own, but I feel it is worth having a few of these. It picks up the product quite well and distributes it without any fall out. The angled eyeliner brush is a brush I use regularly to apply product to my eyebrows. I do not use it for its main purpose as I don't often wear eyeliner, but I have found it makes a great tool for filling in my 'brows. It is just the right size and I don't find any fall out of product when using this brush. 
The concealer brush is great to use to apply and blend concealer. It could also double up as an eyeshadow brush too.Lastly, the lash and brow grooming brush is pretty much self-explanatory. It is perfect to groom and brush my eyebrows and is something I use every day. 

I personally think this brush set is very affordable and worth purchasing if you are on a budget or just starting out with using make-up brushes. The set contains the essentials you need and is reasonably priced at just £14.99 for 6 useful makeup brushes. As all of the brushes are good quality and I have not experienced shedding with any EcoTools brushes that I have tried, I think they are really impressive and worth looking at if you are looking for some new brushes. 

The Eco Tools Bamboo 6 Piece Brush Set is available online at Mypure.
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Saturday, 23 May 2015

May Degustabox 2015

If you are a regular reader of my blog, you have probably seen my reviews on Degustabox previously. If you are unfamiliar of Degustabox, it is basically a Monthly subscription service where you receive around 9-14 surprise food and drink products which are often new to the market or products you might not normally buy in the Supermarket. The box costs £12.99 per Month, which is a fraction of the price of the products inside the box if you bought them individually. I also have a £3 off discount code GUBN9 which you can apply at the checkout to make the box just £9.99.

Each Month I have been sharing the contents of the box to show what great value it is, and also sharing the surprise factor from each box. This Month had a slight barbecue theme which was perfect for the Bank Holiday and the warm weather we had in the UK. I am overall impressed with this Months box. Everything we received were things we like and will use.

Sweet Baby Ray's Barbeque Sauce is the number 1 BBQ sauce in the USA, and is perfect for marinating, dipping and using as an ingredient when cooking. I am looking forward to trying this out with a few burgers over the Bank Holiday!

Schwartz Marinade in a Bag is another item perfect for the Weekend. I am a big fan of Schwartz products as they are so simple and easy to use, and add a lot of flavour to a meal. 

 Maggi So Stir Fry Noodles are great to have in the cupboard for a quick meal. I've tried these before and they are great as you just have to add your meat and vegetables into the same pan as the noodles and the seasoning which infuses the flavours together. 

9Bar are a healthy snack which are full of nutritious seeds and dried fruit which make a great guilt - free tasty treat any time of the day.

 Daelmans Stroopwafels are so delicious and perfect for tea dunking or just eating alone. They are soft, toasted waffles with a creamy caramel filling - yum!

 Sarsons Balsamic Vinegar is perfect accompanied as a salad dressing or ingredient for cooking. This is a really useful product which will get tonnes of use out of. 

 Slim Pasta Lasagne is something I have heard only great things about! It is a low calorie alternative to regular lasagne. I am looking forward to trying this for dinner soon. I'm interested in looking into the rest of their products too, so thanks Degustabox for introducing me to the brand!

Green Coco Kids Coco Juice with Banana is a really tasty and fresh drink, great for the warmer days. I will probably either drink this alone or add it to a smoothie with fruit. 

Fuel 10 Protibrick was probably the product we were most excited to try. We love our cereals in our house, so a wheat biscuit which is designed to boost your protein is something we will enjoy on a Morning - they are really tasty and filling.

Degustabox Links: Website | Facebook | Twitter

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Bold is Beautiful with Benefit Cosmetics

Hi beauties. You may already know that Benefit Cosmetic's Bold is Beautiful philanthropy project is helping charities Look Good Feel Better, who support women challenged by the visible side effects of cancer treatment, and Refuge who support women and children escaping domestic violence.

In May 2015, Benefit are also donating all profits from the brow wax services to Bold is Beautiful. Head to your nearest brow bar and boutique to get your brow wax done and receive a free full size Gimme Brow product worth £18.50* as a thank you. I am heading out this Weekend to have my eyebrows waxed, I can't wait. It is fantastic that the brand are donating all profits to the charities, what a brilliant campaign!

You can also pick up a pair of fun pink brow glasses for some photo fun! All profits go to charity.
Benefit have all sorts going on with their #boldisbeautiful campaign, you can read more about it and learn how to get involved here.

Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Stationery Treats

I have rekindled my love for stationary in the past few Years, the 8 Year old inside me is still happy scribbling away with smelly gel pens! 
If you didn't already now, I have been blogging recently about National Stationery Week, which was from the 27th April to the 3rd of May. Many schools took part in this by encouraging and promoting writing by hand. I have been trying my best to write and read as much as I can recently; as I spend a lot of time on computers and gaming consoles, sometimes I forget how important, fun and therapeutic it is to write. 
I have been working with the team at NSW and they kindly sent me a few stationary treats from some top stationary brands to play around with. I am in love with the planner, it is so useful!

What is your favourite stationery brand?

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Monday, 11 May 2015

Sun Aftercare with Lovea

As it almost the middle of the Year, a lot of us are jetting off on Holiday soon in hope of a lot of fun, adventure and relaxation. Protecting our skin in the sun has always been an important part of a holiday for me;  it is important to be safe in the sun, which is why I always take plenty of protectant sunscreen with me, and opt for body and hair products with a high SPF. Something I tend to forget is after care - after sun lotions are really important if you have been sunburnt as they help to cool and soothe skin, as well as helping to prolong a suntan.

I suffer from sensitive skin, meaning that sometimes I can't use certain body or skin care products because they irritate my skin. My Sister also suffers with sensitive skin and eczema, so she has to be
extra careful with the  products she uses too. This is why both of us opt for products with minimal artificial ingredients, as these ingredients often irritate our skin. This is why I decided to test out the Lovea Natural Aftersun Lotion, in hope that it will soothe and calm the skin without irritating it further.

The Lovea Natural Aftersun Lotion has a thick consistency and is not greasy or sticky when applying to the body. It absorbs quite easily into the skin.
The scent of the product is very subtle but is pleasant, and smells of...
I would recommend this aftersun lotion to anyone that may have sensitive skin and struggles to find suncare products that work well for them. I would also recommend Lovea's Kids Natural Sunspray SPF 50 which I reviewed in full last Year here.

You can purchase the Lovea Natural Aftersun Lotion online at My Pure. It retails at £9.99 for 125ml of product.

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Sunday, 10 May 2015

Clinique British Beauty Blogger Edit Latest in Beauty Box

I love the concept of Monthly subscription boxes, I like  a surprise and love to try out new beauty products, but as I have sensitive skin sometimes it works out better for me if I know what I am buying beforehand. Latest In Beauty are one of my favourite beauty box services. The best thing about Latest in Beauty is that you know what you are buying before it lands on your doorstep. As I said I do love a surprise but sometimes its good to know what you're getting. Latest In Beauty have a variety of different collections you can pick or choose from. Jane, AKA British Beauty Blogger, recently collaborated with Latest in Beauty to bring a Clinique Beauty box which was amazing value for money so I had to snap it before it went out of stock!

The box includes:
  • High Impact Mascara (Full size - worth £17.50)
  • Chubby Stick Moisturizing Lip Colour Balm (Full size - worth £17)
  • Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion+ (15ml)
  • Moisture Surge Extended Thirst Relief (15ml)
  • Liquid Facial Soap Mild (30ml)
  • Happy Perfume Spray (4ml)
  • £10 off voucher when you spend £40 at Clinique online
The box cost £18.50 including postage and packaging, so the mascara and chubby stick alone make the box brilliant value for money!

Did you manage to buy this box? What would be inside your ideal beauty box?

Saturday, 9 May 2015

Natural Beauty Buys: Balance Me Super Toning Body Wash

Balance Me are probably one of the most talked about natural beauty brands I have come across. I have tried quite a lot of their products and I would admit that I am a huge fan of the majority of their body care and skin care range. Its not often that an entire range from one brand entices me, but with Balance Me, I feel their products are brilliant quality and they work really well for my skin.
I have tried both their Rose Otto Body Wash and their Super Moisturising Body Wash in the past which I really like. I fancied a change though, so opted for their Super Toning Body Wash as I don't remember that I have tried this before. The body wash is designed to 'firm, plump and smooth' the skin as well as cleansing and keeping the skin feeling moisturised. I was intrigued by its tone - enhancing claims and wondered how effective it would be.

The product feels like a luxury item to me, and makes me feel a little extra pampered than when I use other body washes. I am a big body wash and shower cream fiend so I know what I like and what I don't like in a body wash (I know, I'm a nerd) and this one definitely ticks the boxes for me.
The scent of the body wash is spa inspired, with a blend of juniper, geranium, lavendar and bergamot. To me, it smells very strong and would be a great product to wake me up on a Morning.
Something I love about natural products is that my skin doesn't become irritated from using them. I mention this a lot on my blog, but I do suffer from sensitive skin and when I find a product which doesn't cause me any irritation, I will harp on about it forever!
This body wash is on the pricier side costing £9 for 200ml, so I would probably only buy this again if I was really treating myself. The product would last me a while as a little goes a long way, so I think the price is reflective of the length of time it will last, and the quality of the product itself. I do think it is a little more special than an average body wash, and if you suffer from sensitive skin it may be worth spending a little more on a product like this which only contains natural ingredients.
Balance Me Super Toning Body Wash is available to buy online from Mypure.

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Monday, 4 May 2015

NEW: Sunkissed Rapid Tan

Sunkissed is a brand I have been using for Years - as a teenager I was a big fan of their bronzers and now as a twenty-something adult I enjoy using their tan mousse. Their products have a real budget - friendly price tag too which is always welcome in my books!
The tan I am featuring is the new Sunkissed Rapid Tan Mousse. The Rapid Tan Mousse claims to turn your skin beautiful bronzed in just 60 minutes.

I actually roped my Sister into using the product too - she uses fake tan a lot more than I do and is great at applying tan (I'm a bit of a amateur) so its always good to get a helping hand and second opinion!
I really like the packaging of the bottle, it looks sleek and looks like a luxury product that you would see in a salon. As a tanning mousse I find it much easier to apply rather than using a lotion, because it is easier to work with, dries quicker and doesn't feel sticky on the skin. The product is not sticky at all, however does dry quickly, so you do need to work quickly when blending the tan onto the skin - this is a bonus because you are able to put your clothes on almost immediately once you have finished using the product. The tan contains vitamin E and aloe vera to aid in moisturising the skin, which is great if you have sensitive skin like I do, as I found the tan didn't cling to any dry patches.
The tan gives a healthy brown colour and is not orange in the slightest. It doesn't have that typical fake tan smell which is usually off-putting and is found in most tans; this tan was slightly fragranced but was pleasant. The product lasts a few days, so is perfect for that special occasion to look a little extra glam and add a little glow to your skin. It is easy to wash off and fades nicely, without leaving patches.
The only downside of the product is that you do have to work quickly to blend it into the skin before it dries, so it might to take a little practice to perfect your tan, but for the outcome of the product I am willing to override that. Sunkissed Rapid Tan Mousse is definitely good value for money and is a staple for those 'fake tan worshipers' out there.

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Sunday, 3 May 2015

April Degustabox 2015

Are you a fan of subscription boxes? I am a big fan of Degustabox; the surprise subscription box which arrives once a Month full of 9-14 food and drink products. Most of the products are new or products you may not have picked up in the supermarket. Degustabox is a great way of trying new food and drink and discovering new favourites! The box costs just £12.99 per box - you can get £3 off your next order making the box just £9.99 with my discount code GUBN9. 

This Months box is the international box, which is full of food and drink from different places around the World. I think this is a great way of trying products you may not have tried before, I am really looking forward to using the products this Month - I think this box is the best yet!

Veetee Rice - Spicy Mexican Style and Peri Peri, £1.49 each
Microwavable rice is really convenient, and of the best brands I have tried is Veetee. I am eager to try these flavours which I haven't tried before.

Barry's Tea, £1.75
We are big tea drinkers in our house, so new tea bags are always something exciting to try! Barry's Tea is a family run Irish company which are well known for their varied range of tea. I am eager to try their gold blend tea, I have heard only great things!

Cirio Tomato Fillets, £1.69
Cirio is a famous Italian brand which sell a huge variety of tomato based products. Their tins of tomato fillets are perfect to add into a curry. 

Cirio Double Concentrated Tomato Puree, £1.20
Cirio Tomato Puree are a great addition to add to spaghetti bolognaise and other meals. I really like products like this, as they are so useful kept in the cupboard.

Kinder Chocolate with Cereals, £1.55
Chococlate is well appreciated in our home, and Kinder is one of favourite brands. The mini chocolates with cereals taste delicious and are a tasty afternoon treat.

Kinder Choco-Bons, £1.55
Another Kinder product which tastes amazing are the choco-bons, which are covered in milk chocolate and hazelnut pieces. Kinder chocolate was originated in Germany.

Nandos Potato Chips - Smokey BBQ, Spicy Chicken, Sizzling Hot, £0.69p each
Nandos are hugely famous in the UK for their tasty chicken - so who wouldn't love Nando's crisps?! These taste really flavour-some and tasty - perfect with your lunch.

Schwartz Authentic Indian Recipe Mixes - Korma and Balti, £1.08 each
I am a big fan of Schwartz products, I often use their spices and powders when making homemade meals as they are so easy to use and add so much flavour. I am eager to try their Indian recipe mixes. This a new product range so it is really exciting to be able to try these out!

Debeukelaer Cookies Bakery, £2
Made famous in the USA, Debeukelauer Cookies Bakery are irresistible cookies which I must say, taste amazing and moreish! 

Scheckters Organic Energy Drink, £1.35
Scheckters Organic Energy is a natural energy drink. I know this will be drank pretty quickly from someone in the family as we do enjoy trying new energy drinks. 

IDrinkq Enhancement Drink, £1.49 each
IDrinkq is a new generation drink which claims to help you think smarter. I am interested to see how this tastes and to see if it improves my mind!

Kingfisher (Alcoholic choice), £2.00
Kingfisher is India's number one selling beer. It is a refreshing, cold beer with subtle citrus flavours, perfect to go down with a curry. I know my Dad and partner both really like this beer so it will go down a treat! This is the alcoholic option in this Months box - you are able to choose whether you would like an alcoholic choice or non alcoholic choice. 

Wonjo Drink (Non - Alcoholic choice) 
Wonjo is a natural hibiscus drink which aims to promote a healthy lifestyle and is made from natural ingredientsWonjo is the non - alcoholic choice for the box (you would receive one or the other).

You can read more about Degustabox on their website and social media links here:
Website | Twitter | Facebook

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