Sunday, 18 December 2016

Last Minute Beauty Gift Ideas

The Balm Nude'tude Palette
If you have a huge beauty fan in your life that doesn't already own this, I think it would make such a lovely gift. Its a little more on the pricey side costing around £30 , but if you have someone in mind that loves a nude smokey eye I think this really would make a special gift.

Superdrug Fruity Trio Strawberry & Raspberry Set
A fail safe Christmas gift is a bundle of bath and body products, especially when they are already boxed up it makes a great little gift. This fab little set* comes complete with a bath puff, shower gel and body cream, and costs just £2.50 from Superdrug and comes in a variety of different scents.

Shadow Switch
Being a beauty blogger, I am always eager to see new products on the market, especially when it comes to make-up removal and makeup brush cleansing - two tasks which I do not enjoy! I was contacted recently by a brand called Beauty Essentials who specialize in lots of different beauty products. They sent me Shadow Switch*, which is a product designed to quickly clean your eyeshadow brushes so you can use them multiple times when applying your makeup. I haven't really seen anything else on the market like this and think its a pretty nifty idea, and think it would make a pretty cool gift for a beauty fan, especially if they love a smokey eye as we all know how annoying it is when you use the same eyeshadow brush while creating a smokey eye - it can get messy!
This product is currently available to buy online from Amazon here, but will soon be available on their UK website too.

Seventeen Sparkle and Shine Lip Gloss Collection
One of my go-to budget beauty brands has always been Seventeen at Boots. In fact, I remember writing about their Dazzle Dusts in one of my first blog posts back in 2012. They always do gorgeous and really inexpensive gifts at Christmas time that could be perfect for your sister, bestie, cousin, secret santa, or anyone that loves their make-up really! This Sparkle and Shine Lip Gloss Collection* includes six pretty lip lustres; there is a selection bright pinks, nudes and corals so something to suit all and a great way for someone that perhaps wants to get into make-up can try out different colours. The lip glosses are really good quality considering the teeny tiny price ticket too.

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Wednesday, 14 December 2016

Testing: Facial Wax Strips

I've decided to start a new mini series on my blog, testing new (to me) products and beauty tricks that I've never tried before. If you have any suggestions on what types of testing reviews you'd like to see here, let me know!

Jolen Face Wax Strips blogger review, Jolen Face Wax Strips review

Wax strips are nothing new to me, I have been waxing my eyebrows at home for the past four Years. I find wax strips really easy to use, very effective and very inexpensive. I've never before tried facial wax strips though, so this was my first time testing them out. The product I've been testing out over the past few Weeks are the Jolen Wax Strips. I know hair removal is sometimes seen as a taboo subject to discuss, but I'm here today to shed my thoughts on a product I've always been really intrigued to try, and figured, if I am eager to hear more about these types of things, maybe you are too?

The Jolen Facial Strip Wax aim for a 'quick and effective method of removing unwanted hair from the face'. Included in the kit are 16 individual wax strips, already shaped and suited for the upper lip.They state that they are suitable for sensitive skin, and are enriched with chamomile and grape seed oil.
The strips themselves are already pre-coated which is definitely the best part about them in my opinion - I do not want to be messing around with hot wax.

Does it work?
Jolen claim for their wax strips to last up to four weeks. It has been around three Weeks or so of me first trialing them, and I do agree with them here. I really liked the strips as the instructions are easy to follow and the strips are already cut into shape. They do remove even the shortest hair.

Did it hurt?
I wouldn't say using this method is painful or uncomfortable for me, but we all have different pain thresholds. My skin didn't feel irritated after using this and it didn't cause a reaction to my skin. It left a slight redness, which disappeared after two hours or so.

Would I use this product again?
Yes, I would actually. I think the Jolen wax strips work really well and are incredibly inexpensive costing just 90p! They are available in store at Primark - I definitely recommend you to check them out.

*PR sample. All views my own, as always*

Tuesday, 13 December 2016

Vans X Toy Story

Something you may or may not know about me is I live for the Weekends... when I can sit blissfully watching a good old Disney film in my PJ's! I'm a big fan of both Disney Classics and Disney Pixar movies (honestly, I have no preference, I know, wild) and with Toy Story being possibly my favourite film ever?!... when I found out they were collaborating with Vans I did a little dance.
I picked this pair because I love a bit of cow print and I thought they were adorable. I actually felt so excited wearing these for the first time. I live in Vans, so them being Toy Story themed, and having a little cow print on them made me feel like they were made for me!
I love some of the others in the collection too, particularly the little bo beep pair, they are so cute!
Are you a Disney fan? Would you rock these?

Wednesday, 7 December 2016

Out of the Ordinary Gift Ideas

I like to think outside the box when it comes to buying gifts for other people. Don't get me wrong, I love a good old gift set, but you know when you find a gift for someone that catches your eye and you think, 'wow, that would be perfect for her!' and beam with pride knowing how much they will enjoy it, I love that feeling! I have found a few really great gift ideas I wanted to share with you that I think are really interesting and a little bit out of the ordinary.

The Gourmet Chocolate Pizza Co. Chocolate Pizza

Chocolate...Pizza... a match made in heaven, right?! I think this is a great alternative to a selection box for that chocolate fiend in your life. I tried the flavour Crunchy Munchy*, which was full of biscuit, fudge and scrumptious chocolate swirls. It tasted absolutely delicious. The brand have a huge selection of different flavours, as well as an option to personalize your pizza too. The Gourmet Chocolate Pizza Co also sell chocolate pizza slices in a range of flavours at only £2.20 each, which I think would make great stocking fillers or little gifts for friends. I have already ordered a few of these to pop in to stockings.

Executive Pens Direct Engraved Pen
I don't know about you, but in our house we definitely have a pen fairy that steals all of the pens whenever we need them. I am a bit of a stationery nerd too so I love a nice pen, and I would absolutely love to receive a gift like this beautiful engraved pen . This particular design is called the Parker Urban Fashion Ballpoint Pen* which is pink with a chrome trim. It is such a beautiful item, and is very high quality, too. There are tonnes of other pens at Executive Pens Direct that you can personalise, as well as some useful and novelty gifts, which are all available on their website. I think this is a gift that anyone would appreciate, it looks super sophisticated and is a really special, yet practical and useful gift.

Ellie Bean Prints A4 Print
If you are a bit of a bookworm you may already recognize this quote. I am all about quotes to live by, they really do brighten my day and prints like this one can really personalise a room and make it your own. This print* is from Ellie Bean Prints in A4 size and is really good quality. I plan to fill one of the walls in my room with framed prints of inspirational images and quotes like this one. I think makes a beautiful gift. Ellie Bean Prints have a huge range of other prints and card that you can personalize too.

Friction Free Shaving Subscription Service

Now, you're probably thinking 'Hmm that is odd, why would you include a razor in a gift guide?!' I have a logical explanation. This handy subscription service sends you a high quality razor and razor heads from only £3 per Month. I think this is a brilliant gift idea for someone that maybe has everything, or maybe, if, like me, absolutely hates spending their money on razors 'cause they're so expensive, this would make a great gift. I can vouch too that the razors are really good quality and leave my skin feeling super soft with no irritation whatsoever.How ideal, too, knowing that you don't have to go out and buy a razor for a whole year!

Personalised Tree Decoration

Why not treat someone to a personalized tree decoration? These kind of gifts always go down well with family and friends. It is something they can use every Christmas. I particularly love this cute gingerbread family design. I bought this from a local shopping centre, but you can find similar here or even have a go at making your own.

House of Wonderland Jewellery Club Subscription
A lot of the ladies in my life are big fans of costume jewellery so I know this would make a great gift for them, in fact this is something I would love to receive myself. I love the surprise aspect of subscription boxes, not knowing what you are getting is all part of the fun, and treating someone to this kind of gift as they'll receive a lovely bundle of gifts once a Month. The HOW Jewellery Club Subscription* would make a perfect gift for someone that loves a bit of fun or loves to jazz an outfit up with cute jewellery. The best part about the subscription is that the jewellery you receive is unique and aren't part of the House of Wonderlands current ranges.You could either treat someone to a subscription, or order one yourself and split up the jewellery items and gift them to friends. I will be writing a full review of this Months jewellery in a separate blog post (which will include more images and info) very soon, which I will link here once the post is live.

Laptop Sleeve
Practical and pretty, those are two words I think sum up this next gift very well. This stylish laptop sleeve 'Grace'* from STM Bags is perfect for those on the go. This sleeve has a super soft lining to keep your laptop protected and safe.  It is like a safe fluffy jumper for your laptop! I love the sleek and stylish presentation, and how this can fit easily into a bag, and your laptop being super protected as you go about your day. You can even match your laptop sleeve to your clutch and your handbag as STM stock those in the same design too. This beauty is available from Amazon or Currys online here.

Mickey Mouse Chalk Board
I think this would make a lovely gift for someone special, particularly if they're a big Disney fan! You could even add a sweet message to the board before wrapping it up. I like gifts that are really useful, and I think this would be one of those gifts that you probably wouldn't pick yourself, but actually find it really handy to add notes to, and it just looks adorable, doesn't it!? This costs only £2.50 at Primark.

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As always, my post is 100% honest & my own opinion.