Sunday, 16 November 2014

Lime Time: Zesty Beauty Favourites

My favourite scent of all time is lime. I absolutely adore the scent. Other than coconut, lime is definitely my first choice when looking for scented beauty products. I love the refreshing fruity kick of the scent, it is so addictive! 

Cien Lime Kick Shower Gel
One of my favourite lime scented beauty products is a shower gel by Cien, which is available in Lidl of all places. I'm not usually a fan of shower gels and tend to stick to shower creams as they usually lather a lot more, but this one lathers really well. It smells delicious and is a great way to wake me up in the Morning. The best of all, this shower gel costs less than 50 pence, that is right, less than 50 British pennies!

Locitanne Zesty Lime Hand Cream
I am quite a typical girly girl and I love hand cream. My hands are constantly dry so I always need a pick me up with a good old hand cream. I got this Loccitane Hand Cream free with Marie Clare magazine last Month, and of-course opted for the free limited edition lime version. It smells gorgeous and keeps my hands very hydrated, I definitely recommend this if you can get your hands on it.

Soap and Glory Sugar Crush Body Buttercream
I mention Soap and Glory quite a lot on my blog, and one of my favourite scents is their 'Sugar Crush' line. If you haven't tried any of the Sugar Crush products, they smell very zesty and fresh. I love this as it is an in-between of a body lotion to a body butter, so not too thick. The scent lasts hours after applying, and makes my skin feel very soft indeed.

Have you got a particular favourite scent for your body products?
Do you prefer fruity scents or floral scents?


  1. Citrus scents are my favourite - lemon, lime, orange... love them all and always my first choice!

  2. I love citrus scents, especially lime, love the look of all these x