Saturday, 29 September 2012

September Empties

Another month has gone by, how on Earth? Alas, October is upon us, here is September's empties post. Not a lot this month really, just a few body sprays, perfumes and other bits of pieces. I completely forgot to save my empty bottles of shampoo and conditioner this month so I have missed those off. 
I must apologize for the photos (again) as my camera is still playing up and I am using my Iphone camera until it gets fixed. Hope that is okay!

Accessorize Perfume, Original, 50ml. £15. 
I absolutely adore this scent. I had it the Christmas they laucnhed it and have repurchased it every time I have ran out ever since as I love it so much. Iti is a very floral and girl-y, beautiful scent. I cant seem to find this instore anymore though - its a simiale one with blue prints. I really hope they still stock this!

Paris Hilton Perfume, Fairy Dust, 30ml. Around £8
It is no secret that I love Paris Hilton Perfumes; I have had about half off her fragrances and love them all. My partner brought me this one for my birthday as I had never had it before, it is lovely! Its very fresh but at the same time smells sweet. i am rubbish at explaining scents. This is another of her lovely fragrances I am sure I will repurchase in the future.

Charlie Body Spray, Star, £1.
I picked this up when I was in Poundland a few weeks ago as I had just ran out of body spray and needed something to pop in my bag for work. I have always loved Charlie (I still use the Charlie Red Perfume since a little girl!) and thought I would give this a try. It was nothing special, just your average body spray but you can definitely tell it is Charlie. I may pick this up again, but it was nothing to write home about.

ASDA Essentials Body Spray, Pink, 54p
You are probably thinking 'OMG How tight are you?!' but I picked this up as my body sprays had all ran out (they all seem to at once don't they or is that just me?!) and I needed the change for the bus fare home and it worked out buying this and another item gave me the exact change for the bus fare. I am in no way snobby with body sprays and don't at all mind trying out Supermarket own brands in other products, so I thought at 54p I had nothing to lose. 
It was OK, the scent was slightly sweet but didn't last too long, but did the job of feeling a bit refreshed during work. I probably would buy this again if I was on a tight budget as it did the job, and after all, it is only a body spray, what's the need to pay the earth?! 
I have even, since then bought the Tesco own branded 'Pink' body spray at you guessed it, 54p! Who knew you could get body sprays so cheap?!

Loreal Paris Studio Secrets Professional Smoothing Resurfacing Primer, around £14
I bought this quite a few months ago now, and have only just got round to using it all up. I remember when I bought it I was after a decent primer, as the ones I used before were useless. I was little disappointed with this. It did the job, but my make up seemed to stay on the same amount of time as it would if I didn't wear primer at all. I am pretty neutral about this product, but probably wouldn't repurchase, as when I brought it, it was £12.99 and its now rocketed up to over £14! Complete rip off in my opinion. 

Miss Sporty Liquid Concealer in 001 Light, £2.99
I like this product, it blends in really well. My only fault is the colour range - I chose the lightest (I am very pale and am the lightest shade in all make up) after being very well blended in it was fine though. I may repurchase this in the future as it is cheap, but I am on the look out for a better concealer which can completely cover my under eye circles. If you know of a good one, let me know!

Superdrug Dry Shampoo, Chocolate Brownie, Mini, 99p
I bought this to pop in my handbag as I already own a handful of the full sized bottles. I adore these dry shampoo's. As they are for dark hair, the product liquid colour is dark, which I find brilliant as most dry shampoos product is white/grey and shows up very badly on my dark brown hair. This is brilliant for using for back-combing too, I really would suggest this Dry Shampoo to anyone with dark coloured hair, for me it is a Godsend! 

I love... Coconut & Cream Shower Gel/Bubble Bath, 400ml, £1
I found this ultimate bargain in Poundland (yes I adore a bargain). I love the I love... range and it was the largest bottle of shower gel they stocked, so a great deal really! I adore the scent of coconut too, although once home and having tried it, I didn't think it smelt much like coconut, more like very sweet home-made biscuits! Very random, and still very nice, but not much like coconut. Not to grumble though, a huge bottle for just a £1, lathered nicely and lasted ages! I may have to stock up again now!

That is it for my September Empties!
What products have you been loving this September?

Friday, 28 September 2012

The Xmas Shopping Guide: The Best Friend Edition

This is a series I plan to write in the next few months. I will be going through different people in your life you may be buying gifts for, and giving some ideas of the best things out there at the minute!
I know you are probably hating me right now for writing about a Christmas shopping guide so soon, but for the majority of people, there are only 3 more paydays until Christmas!

Best Friend - something sentimental, homemade or personal usually works best for something for your bestie. You know them like the back of your hand, so it should be a doddle to find a few goodies to get for them. For my best friend (who I have already bought most of her prezzies - YES I am one of those people)  I have brought her a nice cardigan as she lives in them, a Disney DVD (She collects them) and am in the process of making a board for her, in which you cover a piece of wood in pretty material, and attach tight ribbon around it so you can display photos and cards and such like. I am only in the early stages of this though! I am kinda annoyed I started buying so early as I missed out on getting her some of these goodies! I may have to slip some into her Gift Bag anyway!

My top picks for the bestie this year:

As I said in a previous post, the shops are now stocking Xmas gifts already! Thought I would leave you a few handy links to each sites Christmas Sites:

What are you planning for your best friends Christmas gift?

Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Looking for guest writers here on my blog!

I am after a few guest writers to write a few posts here on my blog :D
I hope it can be based around 'true beauty' - if you are interested do let me know! I would love to hear from you!
please comment below and I will email you, or feel free to email me at :D

Mwah! xx

Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Christmas at Boots!

Just a little head sup for all you organised ladies... Boots are now stocking the Xmas gifts online! 
I am unsure whether they are in store (although I am pretty sure they aren't) but still great to order online! 

Here is the link to the Boots Christmas Site 


Blogger Love!

Don't you just love it when you come across an amazing blog? That you feel you can completely relate to and really enjoy reading? I love it when I come across a really good read!

I have decided to add a 'Blogger Love' page to the top of my homepage. There I will gather all of my favourite bloggers, you should definitely check it out and I assure you will find a really good read!

My list is in no way finished, it is a long job typing and linking it all but hoping it will be complete within a week or so. :)

If you have a blog or could suggest a great blog to me, please do comment below with the linky plink! I am always looking out for new blogs to have a nosey at!

What is your favourite blog posts to read?

Please let me know in the comments if you checked out some of the blogs from the Blogger Love page :D


Sunday, 16 September 2012

Trying to be more healthy, suggestions?!

New Changes in My Diet and Well-being!

Hey lovelies, hope you are all well.
 I have been contemplating doing this for a while now but keep putting it off and off. I think it is about time I cut out all of the junk food out of my diet, do more exercize and lose this weight. I have been struggling with my weight for the last 3 or 4 years. I was an average size 10 until I was about 18. From the age of 14, I walked everywhere, I did 2 gym classes a week and I also did a dance class once a week up until I was 18. Once I was 18, then the weight started to pile on. I started weight watchers the following Summer as I had gone upto a size 14/16, and wanted to get back into a size 10. After 6 months I lost the weight and was finally back into a 10. Fast forward 2 years I have once again piled on the weight plus more, I am really proud to be a curvy girl but my weight just doesn't suit me at all I don't think. I would never lose weight or change my appearance on behalf of others, or care what others thought. I just don't feel comfortable in my own  skin at the minute. I need to lose my weight and stay at a steady weight.

Food and Diet
Currently, my diet on a typical day is as follows:

Breakfast: 2 large cups of strong coffee with sugar and sweetners
Lunch: Packet of crisps, coffee and an energy drink
Dinner/Evening Meal: Typically a cooked meal with 2 vegetables, potato and meat.
Drinks throughout the day: A lot of coffee, a cup of tea, hot chocolate before bed, small bottle of water.
On a night time (after my dinner) I tend to eat a lot of rubbish then. I have pretty much always skipped breakfast, and don' t often eat a proper meal for my lunch, so tend to get really hungry come nighttime. I eat 2 packets of crisps, 2 bars of chocolate, occasionaly a piece of fruit, biscuits, you name it. All rubbish!

I also want to decrease the amount of caffiene I drink in the day. I sort of rely on it to wake me up, as I drink A LOT of coffee, tea, energy drinks and caffeined drinks like Dr Pepper and Coke. It gives me very bad headaches if I don't drink the amout I normally drink, and surely this isn't healthy. I have also noticed that my teeth are begining to slightly stain from all of the caffiene I consume, so definitely want to begin to cut it out a little.

I don't do any form of exercize other than walking. I walk to and  from work, which in total is about 4 and half miles altogether.
 It sounds a lot but it takes me about 50 minutes each way, in total making that just under 2 hours. I think I need to walk a lot faster for this form of exercize to make more of an effect.
I also need to begin to do other forms of exercize, and hoping to join a gym class once a week, as I previously did this and enjoyed it. I need to stop relying on being driven to certain places also.

I need to take better care of myself. I am always cold, always seem to have a cough and a cold, and constantly suffer from a sore throat. I also suffer from a few other medical problems which are not at all related to my weight, but I believe that by losing my weight and being more healthy this area of my health will also improve.

I will be keeping a fortnightly update here on my blog on my journey, if any of you are interested :)

I definitely need some courage and support as I struggle to it alone and find the motivation. Are any of you struggling with losing weight and being more healthy?
Please contact me if you do!
What are your thoughts or suggestions on how to stay at a healthy weight?

Amazing Bargains in Superdrug: Haul!

GOSH and Bloom Bargains at Superdrug!

After having a pretty awful day a few days ago, I was flicking through my twitter feed on my phone and saw that my sisters best friend had tweeted about some amazing deals in Superdrug she just had. I adore this girl too much, she gets all the best deals I don't know how she does it! I headed up to Superdrug to have a wonder and see if I could get in on any of these said - to - be - had bargains.

In my local Superdrug I noticed that all of the Bloom products had been dramatically reduced, where nothing was more than £2.99! I was actually secretly annoyed because a few months ago I'd made my first purchase on a Bloom foundation (I blogged about it here.) for £16 and now it was £2.99! (thankfully they didn't have my shade left so I didn't feel too defeated). I am assuming they are no longer stocking it or have changed the packaging. There were also a lot of bargain bins which included more Bloom products, GOSH and a few random other brands.

Bloom Powder Blush in Hibiscus - £1.99

This product was out of a bargain bin and wasn't in its packaging. I checked it and it looked unused and in good condition so I picked it up. I wore it to work yesterday and it is highly pigmented, beautiful pink colour and stayed on all day. It even has a mirror.

Bloom Eye Paints in Chocolate - 99p

I also used this as a base yesterday on my eyelids, its a gorgeous natural brown, I found it really easy to apply and it didn't crease all day. I am pretty sure the original price is around the £8 mark! You can see a little swatch above of the colour.

Bloom Eye Shadow in Whisper - £1.99

I am yet to try this, but I have swatched it and seems good quality. Its a very pale pink/creamy colour which I am sure would be great as a base or highlight underneath the brow.

GOSH Eye Shadow Quaret in 002 Modest Liberty - £1.99

I cant find an online price for this, but the GOSH quattro eye shadows are £8.49, so I assume this product used to be around that mark. The colours are very beutral and could be used for an 'everyday look'. Some shadows are very pigmented, some are not. Its probably the product I will wear the least out of what I brought, but I am sure my sister will take it off my hands if I no longer want it. A lovely thing about this product is there is a tiny on/off switch near the bottom of the mirror, and as you can see from the picture above, it turns two little lights on around the mirror. That alone is adorable.

GOSH Eye Shadow Palette in 001 Nude Passion - £1.99

I am SO happy I got this! I have wanted it for ages, it was a limited edition palette way back in Spring 2011 and none of the stores near to me stocked it at the time! It has gorgeous colours, very 'nude' and bare eye shadows. I don't really care that it is old stock, I have searched and searched and searched online for this product for months on eBay and just so happened to find it in perfect condition in the bargain basket.

All  products cost £1.99 each, apart from the Bloom Eye Paint which was just 99p! All of these goodies came to a tiny total of £8.95!!

What do you think of these bargains?

Sunday, 9 September 2012

Boohoo £50 Blogger Challenge

Fashion Vouchers £50 Boohoo Blogger Challenge!

I was emailed about this awesome competition with Fashion Vouchers ( Boohoo have made it into their Top 10 Fashion Money Saving Websites list, so they have launched a blogger challenge to find the best outfit for £50 or under at

I jumped at the chance to do this, as I love a good bargain, and I adore Boohoo and have visited their site since way back in December 2006 when I recieved a goodybag from them at The Clothes Show Live.
One thing I love about Boohoo is that they have a feature on their website called 'style closet' where you can put together outfits before you buy them. Genius!

My outfit - Galaxy trend for the festival season

I really wanted to incorporate the galaxy trend into my outfit, as it is really popular this season and I think it is a look which is very versatile, worn dressed up or dressed down. I decided the theme of my outfit would be a festival inspired casual look. I think the skirt and jersey crop top could be used together to create a lot of different outfits when teamed up with different shoes, jewellery and accessories. I think they work well together giving a very casual look to the outfit, accessories and jewellery added can really turn the outfit into something very fashionable and make it a statement look. I chose the long pendant as it draws the eyes down to the rest of the outfit, and makes it look a little more on trend. The snakeskin clutch bag was chosen as I thought it tied in well with the outfit, and the different texture giving it more of a clashed edge to the galaxy print on the skirt. The cherry red trainers were also picked as I thought they contrasted well with the outfit, and are practical for the festival season. I really love the clashing of the textures, colours and prints in this outfit, and am more than impressed with the prices (especially the skirt, bargain!). 

In total, this outfit came just UNDER the budget at £49! What a bargain!

Links to all of the products are listed below:

Monday, 3 September 2012

Bargain of the week: Twist&Pull Nail Polish Remover

I strolled into Poundland last week to pick up some shower gel and other bits, and needed to top my purchases up to £5 to pay on card. I had seen this blogged about to high heavens in the past few months, and being a bargain hunter myself, who refuses to pay £5 for the much hyped Bourjois Magic Nail Polish Remover, I got this instead.

I have taken before and after photographs (on my rubbish Iphone again, apoligizes but my camera is broken!) to show you how good it is! I cant recommend enough! You literally have to dip your finger and twist inside the pot only twice for all your polish to be removed!

Just before using the product.

After the first attempt

Second attempt, all gone!

If you have a spare £1 when you are next near a poundland I would definitely recommend picking this up! 

Sunday, 2 September 2012

Mallzee - Making Shopping Social

Mallzee - The NEW Way To Shop Online!

I was contacted by a lovely PR lady from Mallzee recently, and after hearing about Mallzee, I was instantly intrigued.

Mallzee is an online community where you can shop and communicate with your friends. Users make a profile, by choosing their favourite shopping stores (some of these include New Look and Urban Outiftters, to name but a few) and picking out clothing items to showcase in their own Mallzee, for friends to see. Users can then invite friends to visit their Mallzee through Facebook Chat. Products can then be discussed with your friends, users can even create polls to decide on a purchase,  and to top it all off, here is the best part... you can get paid for your Mallzee! Yes YOU get PAID.  Every time a friend purchases something you have showcased in your Mallzee, you will get paid, how awesome is that?!

The site launches later this year, but you can currently enter your email address for the launch invite on their website (you can do this here) which automatically enters you into a prize for £100 shopping vouchers. 

I wanted to give my amazing readers a heads up on this, as it sounds pretty awesome and I am definitely going to be creating a Mallzee with all my favourite trends. 

Check out Mallzee - it is definitely the new way to shop!

If you want more info, tweet them at @MallzeeHQ and they will be happy to answer your questions :)

Let me know if you do!