Thursday, 20 November 2014

Christmas Gift Ideas for Her: £20 and Over

You may have noticed it has gone a little Christmas crazy on my blog as of late. Not to worry, normal beauty and lifestyle blogging will resume soon! I am absolutely crazy about Christmas and love to get inspiration early, so today I am sharing with you a handful of gifts over £20 which I feel would be lovely for any lady in your life.

I love the idea of a Advent Calendar with a twist. I don't have a chocolate Advent Calander in December anymore, but I love the idea of different types of them, such as this one from Smiggle. I love stationary and am a bit of a geek so this is definitely something I would love as an early gift! I would love to open each door to a new little stationary must - have every day, so anyone that is a fan of cute and quirky stationary I am sure will love this. 
This Trisori Bracelet is really pretty and I think it would make a nice gift for any huge jewellery fanatic if they love something quite chunky on their wrist. 
The Rose Box is something a little different for a gift, which is what drew me to it in the first place. The box holds a shrub rose ready to plant in the garden, as well as a bottle of rose water and a jar of rose petal jam. I think this would be an ideal gift for a couple, a parent or grandparent.Giving a gift of a beautiful plant of flower will be something that person can enjoy and watch grow, and will always remember you by. 
An absolutely beautiful pair of earrings that i feel would make a great gift this Christmas are these Amethyst Yellow Gold beauties. I absolutely love Amethyst and think a gift like this would be something to cherish, and that stays classic forever.

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  1. I love those stud earrings! They're so pretty :)

    Found you in one of the fashion blogs I frequent and thought I'd give you a visit. Would you like to connect via GFC or other social networks? Let me know if that is something that is of interest to you :)