Friday, 14 November 2014

Imperial Leather Day at the Spa Nourishing Body Wash

Imperial Leather Day at the Spa Nourishing Body Wash Review.

Body washes are one of those 'boring but essential' products which I use daily, but never usally feature them on my blog. I thought I would start sharing more posts about essential products on my blog.

I am a body wash junkie. I  am always trying different shower creams and body washes. There is nothing better for me than a refreshing shower with a fruity shower gel or a calming bath with a relaxing body wash.  I am not very loyal to any brand, but one I do really enjoy is Cusson's Imperial Leather. Their 'Day at the Spa' range is quickly becoming one of my favourite selections. 
The nourishing body wash with shea butter & honeysuckle has a sensually floral, exotic scent which lingers on the skin hours after use. The body wash is very relaxing, and makes the skin feel soft and pampered. This body wash is a complete bargain as it costs around £1 and is available at Boots and Ocado.

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