Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Victoria's Secret Fragrance Mists

victoria's secret fragrance mists

Since Victoria's Secret is now much more readily available in the UK, and I have a store fairly local to me, I have built up quite the collection of their fragrance mists. I love the scents - there is so much variety and I find that the scents last such a long time! My Sister started off my collection when she first bought me one in Manchester, and it has just grown from then on. Seeing as I have quite a few favourites, I wanted to share my thoughts about them with you all. Are you a fan of the fragrance mists?

Love Spell
This is a really fresh and fruity scent. With cherry blossom and peach notes, this is a really great fragrance if you love fruity perfumes.

Pure Seduction
This is quite fruity and a great day time scent, and perfect for Summer. The scents of plum and freesia give a fresh scent and makes this a great fragrance for all day long.

Coconut Passion
I think this is a great holiday scent, and is very refreshing and light. The vanilla and coconut scents blend really well to give a subtle but relaxing scent - this is my personal favourite.

Love Addict
This scent is perfect for both day and night, and has a light floral scent which I imagine is quite appealing to a lot of people.

Sensual Blush
I think this is a slightly more mature scent than the others I have tried, and I think it is a perfect fragrance for a night time.

Have you tried anything from the Victoria's Secret beauty range before?

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Monday, 25 January 2016

Lush Father Christmas

I received this little festive guy as part of a Christmas gift and remembered how much I love a good Lush bath bomb! Christmas is my favourite time to use Lush bath bombs - it somehow seems more magical and fun?
Father Christmas explodes in the bath while creating a pretty swirling green and red in your bath, which soon turns your bath water completely green. This smells amazing too, it reminds me a little of the Snow Fairy shower gel as it is very sweet. I think I have had this bath bomb in previous years, but I'm sure it used to have a different scent? I'm not sure - but I love Snow Fairy so this is brilliant for me!

Do you use Lush bath bombs? Did you pick up anything in their Boxing Day sale?

Friday, 22 January 2016

What I Bought From The Lush Sale

I spent far too much time trying to make a purchase from the half price sale online at Lush. I finally managed to make an order and I was so pleased when my products arrived. I had never ordered from Lush online before so I did wonder how long it would take, and how the products would arrive. Everything arrived in one piece so I was pleased.

I picked up a few100ml bottles of Snow Fairy; like a lot of people this is one my favourite shower gels - I couldn't resist!
The bath bombs I picked up were Dashing Santa, Golden Wonder and Cinders. My room smells amazing with all of these bath bombs!
I picked up two gift sets - one being the Snow Fairy Castle gift set, which includes all of my favourite Snow Fairy scented items - this has to be my favourite Lush gift set of all time.
I also bought the Firecracker gift set. I picked this one because it included two bath bombs and a bubble bar. I tend to pick gift sets with just bath bombs, shower gels or bubble bars as I know I will get my use out of them as they are my favourite Lush products.

Did you buy anything from Lush in the sale?

Tuesday, 19 January 2016

TV Shows I've Been Loving #2

I enjoyed sharing my favourite things to watch on the box a few Months ago and thought I would turn it into a little series every few Months. This Month I haven't really been watching any dramas but there are a few on my list that I definitely want to start watching soon. A lot of the shows on my list Today are from a few Months ago now, but I love to rewatch! I have been sticking to more reality shows and light hearted comedies - what have you been watching?

Mount Pleasant | Sky
I have watched every series of MP so I was looking forward for series 5 to start in 2015. It doesn't disappoint either - I watched the first two and found them hilarious! I still need to catch up on the rest of the series.

This Is England 90 | Channel 4
Shane Meadows brilliant creation was back for the final time and it was amazing as always. This Is England is one of my all time favourite films, I absolutely loved following their lives through the Years and I was both happy and shocked with the outcome of TIE '90. I want another series!

Gogglebox | Channel 4
I personally love this show as I find it hilarious and just love the people on it, their one - liners have me in hysterics! My favourite people on the show are Steph and Dom and Stephen and Chris.

Great British Bake Off | BBC
I absolutely loved the show this Year, I love to see the challenges set by Mary and Paul. The winner was so deserved too!

Eat Well For Less? | BBC
I really enjoy watching documentaries focused on the cost of living, and this programme followed families on their weekly shop to help them cut costs on their food and drink. It showed the amount of food that goes to waste and how much money you can really save on your food shopping bill. I thought it was an interesting watch - I picked up some great recipe ideas too.

Being Human | BBC Three
This is an oldie but a goodie - BBC Three have been replaying Being Human from the very beginning recently and I have to be honest I have been loving re-watching it again! The first two series are my favourite and it brings back great memories from the first time round watching it!  If you haven't watched it before, it is based on three main characters - a ghost, a werewolf and a vampire. I love it.

Derek | Netflix
I have been watching this on Netflix recently and I find it both hilarious and heart-warming. Ricky Gervais created a masterpiece with this in my opinion; which is a mockumentary type drama which follows a carer; Derek, around the elderly care home he works at.

What TV Shows are you currently watching? I'm looking forward to the return of Stella and Benidorm!

Friday, 15 January 2016

December Degustabox

Degustabox are a Monthly subscription service where you receive a box full of 9-14 food and drink items for a fraction of the price if they were purchased seperately. I have been receiving Degustabox for a while now and I love hearing your feedback, I always feel impressed with the contents. I have a brilliant discount code for you to receive £6 off your next order, simply enter BLDEG15 at the checkout.

Included in this Months box was the DDC Foods Hip Pops CrispsBetavivo Oats, Nothing But Fruit Snacks, Barilla Whole Wheat Fusilli and Barilla Vegetable Sauce, Eisberg  Non Alcohol Wine, Fabulous Bakers Mango & Pineapple Bars, Drink Me Snikky Chai Latte, KoKo Milk Alternative, Halewood International Crabbies Light, Halewood International Red Square Toffee, and Compete Lemon Bites.
I love the brand Barilla so was pleased to see two items I know I really like and have enjoyed before. The Hip Hop crisps were very tasty, and it is great to know they are gluten free and low in calories. I have tried a variety of Nothing But fruit snacks in the past as they have been included in Degustabox before, and The Mango and Pineapple bars were other nice and healthy snacks to try. I have tried the Compete Energy Bites in the past and I can see where the box is going with its theme - a Healthy New Year! The Crabbies Light Ginger Beer and the Red Square Toffee Vodka were a welcomed favourite by the man of the house, I'm sure they will be consumed on a Weekend very soon. Coconut milk is something we don't use that much, so we will have to have a good look at some recipes to incorporate it into our food and drinks. Lastly, the Betavivo cereal is the one item I haven't tried yet but will be doing so soon. The water and chai latte are some great extras included in this Months box too!

Degustabox Links: Website | Twitter | Facebook

Have you tried Degustabox?

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Thursday, 14 January 2016

Madara Micellar Water

Madara Micellar Water beauty blog review

Micellar Waters became very popular last Year; so many brands have released their own and we now have a huge selection of micellar waters to choose from. I have incorporated micellar waters into my skin care routine in the past, and I do like to use them when cleansing my skin. I have tried them from a variety of different brands, and have been pretty bowled over with the results. This Month, I have given a natural micellar water a try.

Madara are a well-known natural skin care, hair and body care brand; I have used a selection of their products in the past and have always found them to be gentle on the skin and work really well for me. I hadn't realised they had bought out their own version of a Micellar Water, so I was interested in seeing the results from using a natural beauty brands version.

I have been using this product for around 2 to 3 Weeks now and have found it a really good product to remove make-up. It really does take all of my make-up off with just a few cotton pads. It is very gentle and doesn't sting or irritate the skin. After using this, my face feels very clean and refreshed. I'm not sure if it hydrates my skin but it certainly does leave it feeling cleansed and soft, and doesn't cause my skin to break out so I am overall quite impressed. I think this product is perfect if you have sensitive skin and find other cleansers, toners and make-up removing products irritating to your skin. As this product contains no chemical nasties, and it is a certified organic product, I find that the ingredients do not irritate my skin.

The Madara Micellar Water is available to buy online from Mypure here for £12 .

Mypure Links: Website | Facebook | Twitter

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Monday, 11 January 2016

2015 Make Up Favourites

I haven't written a favourite's post in a while, so as we have just seen in the New Year I couldn't think of anything more fitting than writing my round up of all of my favourite beauty products from the last Year. I scuttled around the house collecting all my favourites; and I managed to choose one eye shadow product, one mascara, one base product and two lip products. 

First up we have my most reached for eye shadow palette, which is the Urban Decay Naked 2 Palette. I use this palette most days. I find it perfect for just an every day look but also a great palette to have as you can create so many different looks with it. The mascara I have enjoyed using the most has been the Clinique High Impact Mascara. This gives good length and thickens the lashes, without looking clumpy. I am quite fussy when it comes to mascara but this is a great every day mascara. I couldn't decide on just one lip product so I had to include two; the first being Soap and Glory's A Great Kisser Lip Balm. I'm not sure if S&G still stock this, as I haven't been able to find it, so I am guessing not. This is a really nice lip balm which gives a little shimmer to the lips, keeps them coated and smells of peaches. I use this on top of matte lipsticks to give a more glossy look. I have a back up tin of this, I am so glad as it doesn't look like I will be able to buy it again! Anyone that has known me for a while knows I have always been a big fan of Cheryl's makeup looks. I bought the L'oreal Paris Color Riche Collection Exclusive Nudes in Cheryl's Nude in hope that I could recreate her lovely nude lip; unfortunately I did not transform into Cheryl overnight (!) but this lipstick is a beautiful nude and one I have reached for the most this Year.
I tried the Rimmel Lasting Finish Foundation for the first time this Year, and I really love it. After being a huge fan of Rimmels Match Perfection foundation for as long as I can remember, it is great to see they stock another good foundation which is a good match for my skin tone and gives a good medium coverage. 

What are you favourite beauty products from 2015? Any recommendations to share?

Wednesday, 6 January 2016

Secret Santa 2015

I really wanted to get this post live during December, but I took an impromptu Week (or two) off from blogging. I took part in a blogger secret santa a few years ago and decided I wanted to do it again this Year, so I signed up to Carissa's Blogger Secret Santa and I was ready to go. I loved choosing and buying gifts and being a 'secret santa' for someone else, hope she loved her gifts just as much as I enjoyed picking them! 
As you can see I received some lovely gifts from my secret santa; including A Makeup Revolution gift set, a pamper kit including some lovely face, hair, feet and eye masks, some festive Yankee Candle votives and the obligatory chocolate coins. I am so grateful for these gifts, everyone knows I love a good candle and a pamper. 
Did you take part in any secret santa gift giving this Christmas? What did you buy, and what did you receive?

Sunday, 3 January 2016

Boxing Day Sales Haul

I hope you all had a fantastic Christmas! Today I wanted to share the few items I picked up in the Boxing Day sales. We don't have plans for Boxing Day in our family so me and my Sister decided we would wake up early and pop to the shops to see if we could pick up some bargains.

I am a huge Soap and Glory fan (if you hadn't already noticed!) so my first stop was Boots with the main aim to pick up a few of the half price gift sets. I managed to get three out of the four sets that I wanted, which were the Once Upon A Lime gift set, the Zest A Girl Can Get gift set, and finally the Soaprise cracker gift set. I know this is a lot of Soap and Glory, but they are my favourite brand and I have saved so much buying them at half price!

From Superdrug I picked up this Baylis & Harding set for only 99p - what a bargain! I love a pamper so I tend to stock up on bath and body products during the Christmas sales. I also purchased the Cheryl Cole perfume set online for just £10, so impressed with the price.

Finally, I bought a few DVDs and a CD I have been wanting for a while, they weren't in sale but I thought I would include them anyway. I love This Is England!

I also made an order online with Lush... I will share what I bought in their sale in another post soon!
What did you manage to buy in the sales this Year?