Saturday, 29 October 2016

Project Spending Ban... again

I remember not long after I started writing my blog, I spent a few Months on a spending ban and documented it here. My splurging on myself is getting a little ridiculous at the moment and with Christmas just around the corner, I really need to reel it in a little and start making plans for the things I actually need to buy in the next few Months.

Last time I did a spending ban I think I was quite strict with the rules, hopefully I wont have to be so strict with myself this time but I do have a few guidelines for myself so hopefully I wont stray away!

  • Bills and other commitments e.g. phone, gym membership, car & petrol will be paid as normal
  • An occasional treat is allowed (but only once or twice a fortnight, and I'm talking a coffee or a meal out, not a clothes shopping spree!)
  • Clothes shopping is pretty much banned. I recently stocked up on my Winter clothes and I really don't need to buy anymore clothes!
  • Only essentials to be bought for myself. So toiletries and the food shopping? YES. A new handbag? NO.
  • I need to save my spending so I can finish my Christmas shopping! 
Hopefully I'll be able to stick to this for a few Weeks, I'm hoping to stick to it for about six or seven Weeks, wish me luck! (I'll definitely need more than luck).

Friday, 28 October 2016

Herbalife Skin

When it comes to skin care, I love to try out new products but I do tend to stick to what I know. My skin care routine consists of a day cream, a night cream, a cleanser, toner and a face mask and that is about it, I like to keep it simple really. I was recently contacted by Herbalife to see if I would like to give some of their skin care products a go. Always up for a challenge I of-course said yes, having heard only good things about Herbalife before.

I have been using the Herbalife Skin Protective Moisturiser, Replenishing Night Cream and Purifying Mint Clay Mask in my usual routine, but Herbalife do have a full line of skin care products including cleansers, toners, eye cream and scrubs, as well as a one week results kit , which includes pretty much everything you need skincare-wise for seven days.

The moisturiser has been what I use first on a morning, I haven't really noticed too much difference from using this product compared to the moisturiser I was using before. It does leave my skin feeling smooth and hydrated, and is also SPF 30 which is great for the warmer Months in the Year to keep your skin protected.
The night cream has been great applying just before bed. It sinks well into the skin without feeling too heavy or greasy on the skin. I wake up with great skin and my face feels soft and super moisturised, I would definitely recommend this night cream to pretty much anyone.

My favourite product out of the three has to be the Mint Clay Mask. I love a good face mask, so they are always a product I look the most forward to trying out. Herbalife claim that this clay mask improves the appearance of pores after just one use, which is a pretty big claim so I was interested to see how I got on with it. Having been using it for a good few Weeks now, I have to say my skin has improved and I think it is thanks to this product. This leaves my skin feeling soft and the pores on my skin don't look quite as noticeable anymore, which is great!

Overall I am pretty impressed with the products I have tried. Have you tried any Herbalife products?

*PR Sample*

Saturday, 22 October 2016

Time for a Tea Party

I love a good tea party. Ever since I was young, this was always what I wanted to do for my birthday. Rent a room out for a disco? No thanks. A cinema trip and a McDonalds? No again. I loved having people round for tea and cake, nothing has changed there. Any excuse for afternoon tea and I am all over it! I threw a little tea party recently; trying to make the most of the last of this weather, and had a lot of fun.

With GBBO hitting our TV screens recently, it inspired me to get a little gathering together and host a little tea party with a few sweet treats. I could have probably made some cakes myself but I was strapped for time. If I get some more free time next time I will definitely be getting my bake on and hoping my guests love whatever crazy concoction I make! (on second thoughts, maybe I should stick to buying them).

I absolutely love the beautiful party ware from Talking Tables. With a mix of products from two of their ranges; Truly Alice and Truly Scrumptious, they perfectly fit my tea party theme. Everything is such good quality and I'm so impressed with it all; in particular, the bunting and garland - so cute.

I can't decide which bunting is cuter - the lampshade garland or the floral fabric bunting?

How gorgeous are these paper cups and straws?! The pretty napkins are almost too cute to use, just look at the detail on them.

The BEST cake of them all. Coffee cake!

I love these cute Party Picks, they would be great for canapes.

These Cake domes make a perfect addition to any tea party, I just popped in some mini chocolate short bread bites in these but you could put pretty much anything little in these to make them look like a great showstopper at the table! They could even make great little gifts or favours.

Are you looking for cute partyware for a wedding, party or get together? I can't praise Talking Tables enough; they have a huge selection of products to choose from and something to suit pretty much any theme.

*includes PR samples*

Wednesday, 19 October 2016

Lush Dashing Santa and Golden Wonder Bath Bombs

As you have probably noticed from my blog as of late; my Lush addiction gets a little out of control when its the festive Season. I am a little gutted to see that one of my two favourite Christmas themed bath bombs isn't back at Lush again this Year, and thought I would give you a little run down on why I love them so much.

Sadly, Dashing Santa hasn't seemed to make an appearance at Lush this Autumn/Winter and I am so gutted. It is a fruity scented bath bomb which reminds me of satsumas, it is one of those Lush products that you wish you had limited amounts of. Its definitely one of my all time favourite Lush products, I hope they bring it back at some point.

Golden Wonder is available to buy at Lush again which I'm super pleased about. It gives a gorgeous display of colour when popped into the bath, leaving you with a deep green/blue coloured bath water. It smells very fresh and zesty so is perfect if you really like lime or citrus scented products like me.

Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Cath Kidston X Disney Haul: Winnie the Pooh

I'm quite a big Cath Kidston fan, so when I heard they were collaborating with Disney I was super excited. The first Cath Kidston X Disney collection was Winnie The Pooh, which is actually one of my favourites, so of-course I had to buy something from the collection. The collection is limited edition, so the majority of their items in this range are now out of stock. It is obviously a very popular collaboration,  as I believe that most of the items were out of stock online within a few days.

I fell in love with the Bramley Sprig print, I think it is so pretty and ditsy. I love small floral patterns so knew I wanted something from this print. I picked up the bag and the cosmetics bag. The bag is great as it is reversible so you can take your pick from the Bragley Sprig Print or the Balloon Spot print. It makes a great day bag and fits all of my essentials inside. I really didn't need another make-up bag, but I just couldn't resist this one and being as it was only £10 I knew it would house my makeup perfectly.

Are you a Cath Kidston fan? What is your favourite print?

Monday, 10 October 2016

Super Nude Lips for a Pastel Unicorn Princess

Hair: Colour Addict Spray in Hair Chalk in Lilac*
Top: Primark  | Skirt: New Look
Lips: Sleek Eau La La Lip Liner in Lingerie* & Sleek Lip VIP Lipstick in Icon* 

The title of this post is just a bit of fun really, although I would love to be a unicorn princess. I think I would make quite a good pastel princess, and, well, I think my inner spirit animal is definitely a unicorn. 

Sleek are one of the best brands for good quality lipsticks with a reasonable price tag in my opinion. I am all over the nude lipstick look (a little late to the party, but better late than never right?) and I've found three brilliant lip products to create a gorgeous nude lip. 
Sleeks' Goodnight Sweetheart collection includes this gorgeous new lipstick in Icon. It is a gorgeous deep  nude pink. The formulation of the lipstick is half matte, half velvet, and is super pigmented. I've worn this throughout the day and its lasted so well, even after eating and drinking it is still in place without any fading after several hours. 
The lip liner which is perfect to pair with this lippie is the Eau La La Liner in Lingerie. Being a slightly darker pink/brown nude, it matches really well with Icon, as well as the Sleek Lip Crayon in Notorious Nude - a true nude lip product which stays well on the lips and has some great staying power. It is so creamy and even gives a little tingling sensation when first applied to the lips. This is going to be my go-to lip crayon for Autumn/Winter. 

*Post includes PR samples*

Sunday, 9 October 2016

Lilac Hair Don't Care

When I was a teenager I dyed my hair so much. I loved experimenting with colour and loved the vibrant bright reds, electric purples and neon blues. Dying my hair so often left my hair in very bad damage and it definitely needed a lot of TLC. I still have the coloured hair bug and dye my hair every eight Weeks or so, but do miss that fun with trying different colours, so I was super excited to try the Colour Addict Spray in Hair Chalk. I opted for the shade in lilac, as my hair is currently a reddish-brown, I thought the lilac would go well.

I absolutely love the outcome of the product. Depending on how vibrant you like the colour, you can spray in as little or as much as you like. I really enjoyed adding the hair chalk to the ends of my hair and adding highlights through my hair. As you can see from my picture I really like the subtle hint of colour, but I think it'd look great all over the hair as a solid colour. I love that it washes out so easily. I think the colour is gorgeous and it is so much fun being able to add a pop of colour to my hair in seconds, without the worry of damaging my hair and staining the bath towels!

*PR sample*

Sunday, 2 October 2016

Lush Honey Bee

I like to live dangerously sometimes and post two similar blog posts back to back, I know, such a rebel.
I seem to be a bit of a Lush fan girl at the moment and I can't seem to shake off me wanting to go in the store every time I walk past my local store. I picked up Honey Bee bath bomb on my latest visit and as I haven't heard much about it in the blogging world I thought I'd give my two pennies worth.

I love that this is oh-so lightly scented of honey and not over-powering. It isn't a magical bath bomb by any means; there is no beautiful display in the bath, just yellow tinted bath water. I found using this bath bomb very relaxing and my skin felt really soft afterwards. I think this bath bomb leaves the skin feeling pretty moisturized too which is great. I really like the results on my skin after using this bath bomb, it is definitely one I would recommend for a good pamper but perhaps not the first one I would pick.

Saturday, 1 October 2016

This Is Halloween... at Lush

Who doesn't love a good old Lush haul?! My favourite time of Year for Lush shopping is definitely Autumn and Winter... I am your typical stereotypical beauty blogger and will admit that I know Christmas is near when my bathroom is cluttered with bottles of Snow Fairy and various festive bath bombs and bubble bars from Lush. I usually wait until they bring out their Christmas stock before I let myself go crazy in store and buy everything a few essentials, but I spotted a few Halloween/Autumn bath bombs that I did not want to miss out on, so here we are.

I love a good spicy scent so of-course I just had to indulge in both of Lush's pumpkin - scented goodies that they have to offer this Autumn; those being the Pumpkin Bath Bomb and the Sparkly Pumpkin Bubble Bar. The Sparkly Pumpkin Bubble Bar creates lots and lots of bubbles, as well as smelling I love that this doesn't leave an array of glitter in the bath too - bonus. Pumpkin smells deliciously like Halloween and left my skin feeling super soft afterwards.

I also picked up the Autumn Leaf Bath Bomb, which I have since gone back to my local store and stocked up on as I like it so much. It leaves a gorgeous red and yellow display in the bath water, that just screams Autumn. It smells fresh and slightly leaf-crunch scented.

Have you visited Lush this Autumn yet? Let me know what you're lusting after.