Tuesday, 13 September 2016

August Degustabox

Fancy treating yourself or someone else to a Degustabox this Month? With my discount code BLDEG15 you will get £7 off your next order. Lets take a peak inside the August box shall we...

Treats in this Months box included something I have never seen before; Willy Chase's Fit Popcorn in Apple Cider Vinegar flavour. These taste really good - just like crisps, but popcorn! The Snackers Flame Baked Mini Crackers were another great savoury treat that are perfect for a mid-afternoon snack.

Useful Cupboard Items
I am a huge cereal fan (particulary like muesli and granola) so the Dorset Cereals Bircher Mix really didn't last long! I enjoyed this mix but haven't yet tracked it down in my local supermarket, but it is my new fave so I am sure I will find it somewhere. The Oloves were something I was not keen on in the box as I am not an olive fan, but I am sure someone else in the house will enjoy them. We received lots of treats from Geetas, including curry pastes and mango chutney. I only discovered Geetas through Degusta and its a brand we always buy now. Clippers Green Tea is an item we always have at home so it was a nice surprise to receive a different flavour in Lime and Ginger. The Nutripots are very satisfying and filling which I was surprised about, I will have to look into what other pots they sell. The Capsicana Mexican Cook Sauce is possibly my favourite item of all time that I have discovered from Degusta - I adore mexican food and this is an amazing item I will definitely be scouting out when I am in the supermarket. I also used the Tabasco Sweet and Sticky BBQ Marinade and Sauce in a chicken recipe recently as a marinade and it has a great flavour.

In terms of drinks this Month, the alcohol option was the Mahou Beer which I am told went down well! I also received the Get More Multivitamins sparkling lemon and lime drink which was refreshing, and the Botanicals Sparkling Jasmine and Lime drink which I have yet to try.

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Sunday, 11 September 2016

The Best of: Sleek

It is no secret I am a big fan of budget beauty brands. Of-course, I do love to delve into the luxury beauty world too from time to time, but I am that kind-of person that tightens the purse strings a little bit and tries to find duplicates or cheaper alternatives to the high end brands. One brand in particular that I love is Sleek. Their products are incredibly affordable; but this does not reflect in the product- their products are just as good as the next high-end make-up brand.

Their eye shadows in particular are of a very good quality, with the shadows being highly pigmented, soft, creamy and easy to blend. I will continue to recommend Sleek's eye shadows until the end of time! A firm favourite eye shadow palette of theirs is the Storm palette; a favourite of many I believe. I love the neutral shade range as well as a few shimmery greens and blues. This is definitely a palette I reach for on a regular basis.
Another product I think is amazing from Sleek is their corrector and concealer palette. I am not a concealer or corrector pro by any means, but this palette works like magic to hide my dark circles, conceal any pesky spots and, best of all, the powder included in this nifty little palette ensures a long lasting coverage.

What are your favourite Sleek products? Do you have any recommendations?

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