Monday, 27 October 2014

Joe Browns is Ready for Winter! Winter Warmers & Perfect Party Wear

Hi everyone! Now Autumn is here, that means one thing - Winter will be on its way very soon. Lots of festive parties and wrapping up warm and cosy is my favourite part of Winter. Joe Browns have now revealed their Winter range in their Winter Catalogue which you can view here. I have compiled a wishlist above sharing my favourite pieces from their Winter range as well as some other pieces from their website. 

Firstly, I picked a few pieces perfect for parties. The dress is gorgeous, I love the colours. I also picked a few pieces which are lovely to wrap up warm with. My fave is the parka - it looks so cosy and warm!
 What are you faves?

Sunday, 26 October 2014

The Christmas Boutique

Are you looking for beautifully crafted Christmas decorations for a reasonable price? I think I may have discovered probably one of my all time favourite Christmas Decor websites - The Christmas Boutique. 

Set of three Hanging White Glitter Star Decorations £9.99
Set of Two Angel Christmas Tree Ornaments with White Hearts £5.99
Set of Three Printed Bird Ceramic Hanging Decorations £.9.99
Set of Six Wooden Penguin Christmas Tree Decorations  £7.99
Small & Large Faux Snowball Christmas Display Confetti Set £7.99
Extra Long Fabric Star Advent Calendar with Felt Numbers £19.99
Set of Two Natural Linen Christmas Stockings with Stag Designs £14.99

The Christmas Boutique sell pretty much everything you need to decorate your home this Festive Season. From stockings, garlands, baubles and wall art, The Christmas Boutique have all you need for a beautifully decorated Christmas at just one stop.
When I was given the opportunity to feature some of their items on my blog, I jumped at the chance. I love Christmas, and after having a browse of their website, saw that they stock such a huge range of different decorations to suit anyones taste. They sent out a bundle of surprises, I did not know what I would receive which was really exciting. I am so impressed with all of the decorations. They are very 'me' and suit my taste perfectly. I prefer more traditional and modern decorations rather than garish ones, so I was thrilled to see a mix of traditional and modern decorations inside the package they sent out to me. I love the colours of the decorations, mostly creams with a hint of blues and greens. All of the decorations are very shabby chic and adorable. I absolutely love the advent calendar; the different materials made from each pocket is such great quality, I can't wait to start filling it with pictures and treats. The stag stockings are very simple yet sophisticated, I think I will use these just as decoration as they are just so pretty. The wooden penguin decorations are adorable and will look great hung on the tree. As well as the sweet angel ornanments, the printed British bird decorations are classic and I can see them always being stylish. I particularly adore the British birds, I will probably reuse these after Christmas around the home or in the garden as they are far too nice to go back in the decoration box!
The faux snowballs will come in a lot of use as we sometimes make Christmas displays on the windowsill, and I can see this being perfect for the job. Finally, I really love the white hanging stars. These can be used to decorate the home all year round really, but I love the touch of sparkle they have for Christmas time.

The products were sent out really well packaged and everything came wrapped seperately inside the box. Delivery was really quick and it is also free standard delivery, which is great!
If you are looking for some new Xmas Decs this year to spruce up your home, give The Christmas Boutique a go, I couldn't recommend them enough.

*This post contains PR samples/items which were sent to me for consideration to review. All opinions are 100 %  honest and my own. You can view my full disclaimer policy on the contact tab above*

Heat Holders Neck Warmer

Heat Holders is the ultimate thermal sock. the brand is a household name, and they now they stock plenty more thermal products to keep us warm in the colder Months. All of their products are made with specially developed thermal yarn, which helps to insulate against the cold. The heat holders hoops are extra long cushion pile which helps to hold in more warm air; this increases the TOG rating.
Perfect for the colder Winter Months, this neck warmer is so warm, cosy and toasty. With a TOG rating of 3.5, the neck warmer is thick and will be sure to keep in the warm air in the colder Months.

I really like the colour, black goes with pretty much everything in my wardrobe and makes this neck warmer wearable with every outfit. With a fleecy lining inside, your neck is kept very warm. I love the size of the neck warmer, meaning you can pull it over your chin when it is very cold! The neck warmer is great for those heavy wind and cold days we have been having in the UK recently, as it keeps the warmth insulated. I have been tucking my hair underneath the neck warmer which has kept it neat.
I am so impressed with this product, I am already planning on buying these for some of the members of my family for Christmas. I think it would make a great practical gift.
Heat Holders Black Neck Warmer* cost just £9.99 from the Heat Holders official website. Be sure to check out all of their other products, too.

*This post contains PR samples/items which were sent to me for consideration to review. All opinions are 100 %  honest and my own. You can view my full disclaimer policy on the contact tab above*

Saturday, 25 October 2014

Healthy Breakfast and Dessert Recipe: Granola and Fruit Yoghurt

I took inspiration to making these having read the information card included in my September Degustabox, (you can read my full review here) which included this little recipe idea. I actually feel quite guilty for even calling it a recipe as there is no real effort involved in making this! This is super quick and easy to do, and I think it makes a great healthy alternative to a dessert, or would even make a tasty breakfast. I love simple and quick food like this, as it requires very little effort and time, but still tastes great.

You will need: Granola; any kind, I am using Jordan's Simply Granola which was included in September's Degustabox
Plain or Greek Style Yoghurt
Fruit of your choice; I have opted for strawberries
Honey (optional)

How to make: 1. Use a spoon to add the yoghurt into a bowl or a glass. Add however much you like, I have filled my glass a 1/3 full of yoghurt. 
2. Chop your fruit of choice and add it into the bowl or glass as the middle layer. 
3. Add honey or a sprinkle of whatever you fancy on top of the fruit.
4. Add another spoonful of yoghurt on top of the fruit, and add a few more pieces of fruit on top.
5. Sprinkle a generous helping of granola on top of the fruit. 
That is it! A super easy how-to to create a healthy breakfast or dessert!

*I was sent the granola as part of Degustabox to review. All opinions are 100 %  honest and my own. You can view my full disclaimer policy on the contact tab above*

Thursday, 23 October 2014

My New Best Trend Autumn/Winter Fashion Event at Intu Merry Hill

Last Weekend saw the My New Best Trend Autumn/Winter Fashion Event at Intu Merry Hill, located in the West Midlands. 
There was a lot going on over the weekend, including fashion shows which showcased the key fashion trends this Season. There was a lot of bold and statement pieces. The key styles this Season are; Bauhaus Expression, Dark Street, Folkloric, Historical Adornment and London Haze - these are definite themes to include in your Autumn/Winter wardrobe! I absolutely loved the fashion shows - the models danced across the runway, it was very creative and like nothing I had seen before. I went along to watch some of the fashion shows on the Saturday, where I watched the shows which were taking place in three different places in the shopping centre. I thought this was a great idea, as you could stop and watch as you were shopping around the centre. I was so into watching the shows I only snapped a few pictures of one of the shows, but I really wish I had of filmed them because they were a really fun way to showcase some of the Autumn/Winter collections from the big brand stores.
As well as the fashion shows, there was also a pod where you could design your very own fashion tote bag and get your creative juices flowing. I had a lot of fun and whats better still than exclusive discount over the weekend in lots of stores across the centre! It was definitely the right time to start purchasing some fashion pieces for the upcoming Season, and maybe even buy a few Christmas presents too! Some of the stores which offered great discounts were Blue Inc, Ann Summers, Oasis, Jacamo, Quiz, Simply Be, Toni & Guy, as well as many more!

Quitting Smoking? A review of the Bye Cig Starter Kit

* Are you 18 years or older? 

This post may be a little controversial, but I am sure a lot of us have been around smoking at some point in our lives; whether it be yourself, your family, friends or colleagues smoke or have smoked. My partner smokes and really wants to quit. Of-course, thinking just of the health benefits alone, it would be great for him if he did quit as he has been smoking for years and it is now taking its toll on his health. 
When liasing with an SEO analyst for Bye Cig, we were offered to try out the Bye Cig Starter Kit*.
Bye Cig is a new UK electronic cigarette company which specialize in electronic cigarettes and accessories. They often have great offers and savings so be sure to check out their Twitter page to keep up to date.
Seeing as my partner is the one who trialed out the kit, I will hand you over to him now so he can share his thoughts and experience of using the Bye Cig Starter Kit.

The Starter Kit I received to try is the Tobacco Kit.
Bye Cig's are really easy to use, the kit includes a small instruction guide which helps a lot. The Bye Cig lasts for a long time without having to recharge, which is great. It is super easy to charge Bye Cigs, as this kit comes complete with a USB so you can easily charge it up on a laptop or computer.

I really like the design of the Bye Cigs, I like how they look like an actual cigarette. They light up green when in use. I think the 'box' which houses the Bye Cig's and the USB is very sleek and clever as it looks just like a cigarette box. It is great that the kit comes with a box to keep them safe and protected. The kit comes complete with two boxes of cartridge refills, as well as there being two refills inside of the box, which makes the Starter Kit really good value for money. The refill pack contains three cartridge refills, which tend to last me almost two weeks.

I do think the Bye Cig's have encouraged me to quit smoking. I would definitely purchase from Bye Cig in the future as I really like the design of the electronic cigarettes, and I think they are good value for money, too. I would definitely like to try some of the other flavours in the future; particularly cherry and vanilla. I would recommend trying Bye Cig if you are trying to quit and you are looking for a reasonably priced product. Comparing the Starter Kit to buying cigarettes and roll-ups, for me, shows that the Starter Kit is much cheaper and better value, which has been another great incentive to continue using Bye Cig.

*This post contains PR samples/items which were sent to me for consideration to review. All opinions are 100 %  honest and my own/my partners. You can view my full disclaimer policy on the contact tab above*

Belissimo Lips Review - Glittery Goodness!

I was really excited to try Belissimo Lips out a few Weeks ago. I actually saw a Belissimo Lips stand at The Clothes Show, Birmingham last year, but didn't have time to pop by to the stall. I had seen a few mixed reviews of the glittery lip goodness online, so I really wanted to try it out for myself. I don't often get glammed up but when given the opportunity, I love anything sparkly and pretty so Belissimo Lips sounded right up my Street. Perfect for nights out, fancy dress, Halloween, Christmas, or parties, Belissimo Lips is a sparkly glitter which you apply with a water based adhesive to the lips, that is aimed to be very gentle and to last 12 hours.

The kit includes the glitter, the water based adhesive/glue, a few cotton buds and an instruction card.
I wasn't sure how I would feel applying the adhesive to my lips, but it felt OK. I found the instructions really simple and the Belissimo Lips kit is really easy to use. You simply apply a thin layer of the adhesive onto the lips, then add the glitter over the lips using the cotton buds provided in the kit. I thought this process would be quite messy - I was pleasantly surprised. I really didn't find it messy at all, as I just dipped the cotton bud into the glitter pot. There was no spillage or waste which is great!
 It is really straight-forward to do and doesn't take long to complete. I personally didn't have any irritation from the glue or glitter on my lips. I found the glitter lasted well on my lips for over 7 hours, which is pretty impressive. They advise not to drink hot drinks or eat greasy food, but you are able to eat and drink otherwise. The product didn't budge once while I drank and ate, which is impressive for any lip product. To remove, I used a baby wipe and the glitter came off with ease, without irritating my lips.

Although I probably wouldn't use this on an day-to-day basis, I think it is a lot of fun and great for a night out or a special occasion. I was a little apprehensive that the glitter on the lips might be too OTT - but it really isn't. It is pretty and it is noticeable but it doesn't look garish or childish - I really love how the colours in the glitter shine from light. I have used this Belissimo Lips kit a handful of times now alone and I really like it, but I would be interested to see what it looks like with a lipstick or lipstain beneath it. As you can probably imagine, glitter is quite difficult to photograph, but I do hope you can see the glitter on the photograph above.
Belissimo Lips are available here from Belissimo Boutique for £13 in a variety of colours.

*This post contains PR samples/items which were sent to me for consideration to review. All opinions are 100 %  honest and my own. You can view my full disclaimer policy on the contact tab above*

Saturday, 18 October 2014

Do you love chocolate? You could win a hamper of Lily O'Briens Chocs!

I am a complete sweet tooth, and chocolate is my weakness, I absolutely love it. If you are too, do you fancy winning some of Ireland's very own Lily O'Brien's chocolates?

You could be in with a chance of winning a hamper full of Lily O'Briens Chocolates by simply completing this short survey - you can do this by clicking on the link here.  It would be really helpful if you completed the survey - let me know if you do! There are some really fun questions too. You have to be in it to win it!

I must say, Lily O'Briens chocolates look absolutely gorgeous! Just take a peak at some of their chocolates on their website. I have included a few images below of my favourites!

*I was contacted to share this survey on my blog. I was not compensated for this post but the brand kindly sent me a box of chocolates to say thank you*

Balance Me Super Smoothing Hand Cream Duo Gift Set - Christmas Gift Guide

Love them or hate them, Christmas wouldn't be complete without gift sets. I personally love a gift set, but I particularly like gift sets when I know the products will actually be used. This is where the Balance Me Super Smoothing Hand Cream Duo Gift Set comes in. Pretty much everyone uses hand cream - no-one likes dry hands. This gorgeous duo gift set includes Balance Me's Super Moisturising Hand Cream and their Rose Otto Hand Cream. Both at 50 ml, they are the perfect size to travel with and fit into your bag. The packaging is really sweet and looks more expensive than what it costs. The cardboard sleeve opens to reveal a magnetic box housing the hand creams.

The Rose Otto Hand Cream is great for dry or sensitive hands. I have used this product in the past and I still love it. The scent is beautiful if you love your rose scents like me. After using the Rose Otto Hand Cream my hands always feel soft, smooth and moisturized
The Super Smoothing Hand Cream is a cult classic beauty product. A staple for your desk, this hand cream is great for very dry, hard-working hands. As its name suggests, this product leaves your hands feeling completely moisturized. If you prefer a simple hand cream which isn't as heavily scented, this one is perfect for you. I think this is a truly great product that I would even use on other dry patches on the skin.
Balance Me products are made by using the most natural and pure ingredients (98.8% of the ingredients are completely natural), so if you or whomever you are buying the hand creams for have sensitive skin, this should be a good one to look out for. I have sensitive skin and I have had no irritation after using these hand creams.

I think both hand creams are really good quality products and I feel this duo would make a lovely gift for a friend, family member, or even a Secret Santa gift. A useful-but-lovely present all housed up in a pretty box ready for Christmas!

The Super Spa Duo is available from MyPure for only £14.

This blog post contained a PR sample. All views are completely my own

Thursday, 16 October 2014

Grand Designs Live

Last Week I had a really exciting email asking if I would like to attend Grand Designs Live! I of-course said yes, I love the show and absolutely love home decor so I couldn't wait to go along. 
Knowing that there would be over 500 exhibitions at the event ranging from technology to decor got me quite excited. 

Grand Designs Live took place in the NEC, Birmingham, over four days. It was split into six sections: interiors, gardens, kitchens, bathrooms, technology and build. There was pretty much a stall for everything you could think of; windows, heating, art, furniture, homeware, food, technology, body care, heath and fitness, building - if you are in the trade or are refurbishing your own home, Grand Designs Live is a great place to visit.
I was really interested in browsing some of the exhibitions. There were a lot that appealed to me - definitely something completely different to what I expected. I really enjoyed the talks - I have now decided I want an iKettle - an eyewatering £11 for a kettle but how convenient you can boil your kettle from anywhere in the house at the touch of a button - well, from your iPhone!

The tickets I received were kindly donated by British Gas. British Gas had a stand at the event this year, where they were promoting Smart Energy, in particular smart meters in the home. The British Gas team were at hand with expert advice and helpful tips of how to be in control of your energy. I had a little chat with some of the team, who gave great tips and advice. British Gas offer insulation to homes which need it. You can read more about that here.

*I was kindly gifted to tickets for this event to share my views on my blog. All opinions are 100 %  honest and my own. You can view my full disclaimer policy on the contact tab above*

Madara Balancing Toner

Madara Balancing Toner - Northern Raspberry 

Toner is something I feel is essential in my skin care routine. As well as cleansing and moisturising, I find using a toner is important way of looking after your skin, as it helps to condition and cleanse the skin, as well as reducing the appearance of pores. I use toner on a Morning and Night to help clean and refresh my face, and to remove my make up. Before using toner on my skin, I use a facial cleanser, and then I simply apply some of the toner to cotton wool pads and clean my face, followed by applying a good moisturiser.

The Toner I am featuring today is by Madara, and is called a 'Balancing Toner'.
Madara sell three different Toners suited to different skin types. I decided on the balancing toner as my skin is oily/combination, and I also have dry patches.
The Madara Balancing Toner helps to control oily areas of my face, without irritating the dry areas. Madara claim that this toner helps to minimise pores, which I'm not sure if it completely minimizes my pores, but it does slightly reduce them.
The toner is very gentle on the skin and doesn't have any harsh chemicals. I am impressed with the toner as it doesn't cause any irritation to my skin, it does not sting at all. After using the toner, my skin feels soft and refreshed.
The toner smells very fresh and fruity, which is something I don't tend to notice in skin care products.
As Madara are a natural skin and body care brand, all ingredients in their products are completely natural and are ecologically certified.
A little goes a long way; I can see this 200 ml bottle lasting a while.

I would recommend this toner if you have oily/combination and sensitive skin. It is very soothing and gentle on the skin. 
The Madara Balancing Toner* 200ml is available from MyPure for £12 *currently £10.80*. You can check out other Natural Body, Skin and Beauty products at MyPure.

*This post contains PR samples/items which were sent to me for consideration to review. All opinions are 100 %  honest and my own. You can view my full disclaimer policy on the contact tab above*

Sunday, 12 October 2014

Top Picks: Christmas Jumpers

Christmas is fast approaching and I have surprised myself this year by wanting a Festive jumper. I nenver thought I would want to wear a Christmas jumper, but I have done some searching and have found these three beautiful jumpers. I really like wearing blue and mint green so that is a sort - of theme in this blog post! 
The first two jumpers are both from New Look. I really love New Looks selection of Christmas jumpers. I am not quite brave enough to wear a really garish Christmas Jumper, and have opted for these cute ones in Mint Green Penguin Print and Pale Blue Polar Bear Print. I thought the pale, almost pastel-like colours of these jumpers would make them really easy to pair with any jeans or skirt.
My last top pick is this super cute Sequin Gingerbread Christmas Sweat Top from Next. I find sweat tops really comfortable to wear and love the sweet gingerbread man - infact, I have a slight love of anything gingerbread themed. I really like this as I think you could get away with wearing it throughout the entire Winter, and not just Christmas Day.

Have you seen any Christmas Jumpers you like the look of?
Do you wear Festive Jumpers? 

Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Living Nature Purifying Cleanser and Skin Steps Gift Set | Christmas Gift Guide

Living Nature Purifying Cleanser

I am a big fan of Living Nature as a brand, and I love their Skin Care products. Today's blog post will be featuring their Purifying Cleanser...and a gift set I think will make a perfect present for Christmas!

 I have  actually used this cleanser before as it was included in the Living Natures Skin Care Minis which I reviewed here. I really enjoyed using this cleanser so thought it deserved a more detailed review.

I love how light and gentle the cleanser feels on the skin. It foams and lathers quite well and helps to remove the daily build up of make up. I have quite sensitive skin and I suffer from a lot of redness on my face. After using the Purifying Cleanser* it tends to calm down a lot. I am often cautious when using new cleansers as I have very oily skin, and find it difficult to find a cleanser that suits my skin type. The purifying Cleanser is great for oily and combination skin.
Of-course a huge plus is that Living Nature products are all 100% natural, which is fantastic if you have sensitive skin like me. I really like this product and would repurchase in the future.

Living Nature Skin Steps Gift Sets

All ready for Christmas; Living Nature have brought out their Skin Steps Gift Sets. With 3 different sets to suit different skin types, there really is something for everyone.
Each kit comes with a 50 ml cleanser, a 50 ml toning get and a 50 ml daily moisturiser, as well as a few free samples suited for your skin type.
The 3 kits available are: Skin Steps to Purify Oily Skin, Skin Steps to Nourish Normal Skin, and Skin Steps to Enrich Dry and Mature Skin. All three kits are available to buy from Botanical Brands. -link

Included in the Purify Oily Skin kit is the Purifying Cleanser, which as I have mentioned above, is a fantastic product and I would highly recommend it.

I think these kits are perfect if you are buying for someone who is really into their skin care, loves natural products or maybe just to want to try out the some Living Nature products.

*This post contains PR samples/items which were sent to me for consideration to review.  I was sent the Purifying Cleanser to review . All opinions are 100 % honest and my own. You can view my full disclaimer policy on the contact tab above*

6 in 1 Care Set from Itsawot | Christmas Gift Guide

I don't know about you, but I absolutely love unique and quirky products, and anything compact and tidy pleases me greatly. This 6 in 1 Care Set; available from Itsawot, includes LED tweezers, scissors, a doubled-headed brow brush, mirror, cuticle tool and nail file. I love how compact the kit* is, which is the perfect size for your handbag. It is perfect for travelling and keeping all of your beauty tools together. The sleek and sturdy packaging of the product ensures everything is kept tidy. I love that you can take out the purple container from the kit if you want to.

The LED Tweezers are a great concept. This makes for easy plucking or touch ups on your eyebrows when you are travelling, camping, just about anywhere! The cuticle tool and the nail file are really great quality and so handy to have to hand when you are on the go. The eyebrow brush, mirror and scissors are great additions to this little kit, meaning you will never have a nail or brow drama again!

I think this would make a lovely gift for any girly-girl in your life - it includes pretty much everything any beauty lover will need in a beauty related emergency - broken nail? crazy 'brows? No problem!

You can purchase this kit for only £9.99 at Itsawot stock a wide variety of original and unique products, be sure to check out their other products for more gift inspiration or to even treat yourself.

*This post contains PR samples/items which were sent to me for consideration to review. All opinions are 100 %  honest and my own. You can view my full disclaimer policy on the contact tab above*

Wednesday, 1 October 2014

September Degustabox

Hi everyone! After the great feedback from my previous blog post about the August Degustabox (you can read that post here) I couldn't wait to share with you another post on everyone's favourite surprise food subscription box and show you the contents of Septembers box.

If you are new to Degustabox, the concept is that for just £12.99 a Month, you receive a box full of 9-14 surprise food and drinks products, usually new to the market or something out of the ordinary!

This Month's box* was really full. I am really impressed with the variety of the products inside of this Months box; ranging from drinks, confectionery, to cereal and marmalade. I love that the box incorporates food and drink for different meals in the day- from Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner (or Dinner and Tea!). Everything in this Months box is usable and there is something everyone in the family will enjoy.

I have a £3 of voucher code for you all again, too. Simply enter the code 4784579 at the checkout stage and you will receive a £3 discount on your order!

Product of The Month!
Little Miracles Organic Energy Tea and Fruit Juices

This Month, Degustabox showcase their product of the Month; the Little Miracles Organic Tea and Fruit Juices. These taste amazing and are a great wake - up on a Morning, or a pick - me - up throughout the day. Little Miracles are free from artificial colours, flavours and sweeteners, and have less than 90 calories a bottle. 

The blends I received were Green Tea, Ginseng, Pomegranate, Acai & Agave, and Lemongrass Tea, Orange Juice, Ginger, Ginseng, and Agave. The Lemongrass Tea, Orange Juice, Ginger, Ginseng, and Agave drink was very refreshing and really light. Our favourite was the Green Tea, Ginseng, Pomegranate, Acai & Agave drink as it reminded us of tip-tops! Green tea is always a winner with us so I'll definitely be looking more into the Little Miracles drinks in the future. You can check out their website here to see their other tea and fruit juices. I love the sound of the Black Tea and Peach flavour!

Righteous Dressings
The first items I was drawn to in my Degustabox were three 50ml tubs of Righteous Dressings. They are made with only 100% natural ingredients and are perfect to add to a salad for an extra kick. The flavours I received were Raspberry & Sweet Basil, Mild English Blue Cheese & Cider Dressing and Lemon & Mustard Seed Dressing. I am looking forward to giving these a go as they aren't something I would normally purchase! Righteous products are available in Tesco, Waitrose and Sainsburys.

Elizabeth Shaw Dark Chocolate Mint Thins
I absolutely love dark mint chocolate so this is a definite winner in my books! These are so tasty to snack on with a coffee. I would actually consider these to be quite a 'posh' and more luxurious chocolate than we would normally buy at home, so a real treat. We cant wait to dig into these.

Bahlsen Pick Up! 
Bahlsen Pick Up! Milk Chocolate Biscuits are absolutely delicous. They are basically a thick layer of chocolate cased between two crisp biscuits. They are very moreish and a really nice treat to snack on. I received a pack of 5 Black 'n White and a pack of 5 Milk Chocolate. They both taste delicious, but the winners are the new Black 'n White flavour. Seriously - addictive.

Burts Lentil Waves
Burts Lentil Waves are seriously addictive crisp like snacks. A little different to a potato snack, I had never heard of Lentil snacks before until now. I absolutely loved the Sour Cream and Chive flavour - so tasty. The other two flavours are Thai Sweet Chilli and Lightly Salted. Definitely worth a try if you like flavourful crunchy snacks. Burts Lentil Waves are available from Waitrose.

La Vieja Fabrica Marmalade
La Vieja Fabrica Marmalade is made using only the best Seville Oranges. I have never heard of this brand before, and haven't eaten marmalade for many years, but I have really enjoyed revisiting this 
childhood favourite with a generous spread on my toast each Morning. 

Jordans Simply Granola Crunchy Baked Oats with a Hint of Honey
A huge 750g bag of granola. What is not to love? It tastes great, I particularly like the hint of honey. I have tried it both with milk as a cereal, and I have also sprinkled it over plain yoghurt. I'll be sharing a super easy how-to with this granola in a future blog post, too! 
I am so impressed with the size of the product. I am eager to try more Jordans products in the future, and will be checking out the Jordans section on my next grocery shop. 

Nestle Carnation Cook With It!
This Months box included two 525g cartons of Cook With It! I have never seen these in the supermarket before so I am really intrigued to try it. I think these would be perfect to add to thicken a soup or a homemade curry. Canation Cook With It! Cooking Creme is available to buy online at Tesco, 
currently at £1.65.

Crabbies (Non Alcohol Option)
John Crabbie and Co Traditional Cloudy Lemonade with a Twist of Ginger
Cloudy lemonade is my all time favourite drink - ever. I absolutely love it. I loved it during my childhood, and I am still hooked. Surprisingly. though I had never tried Crabbies Cloudy Lemonade. It tastes amazing and so refreshing. I dont really know how to explain how this tastes, but if you like cloudy lemonade I urge you to try this - it tastes absolutely gorgeous. This is stocked in Supermarkets at £2.50 for a 700ml bottle, which I think is great value for money.

Crabbies (Alcohol Option)
Zesty Lemon
The Alcoholic option in this Months Degustabox was Crabbies Alcoholics Fruits in Zesty Lemon. Being a huge fan of lemon drinks, I am sure this will taste great. Being one of the only items I haven't tried yet, I am looking forward to having a glass of this on the Weekend. Crabbies Alcoholic Fruits are available in 4 packs at most Supermarkets for £5.99 per pack.
*Always drink responsibly!*

Have you tried Degustabox before?

*This post contains PR samples/items which were sent to me for consideration to review. All opinions are 100 %  honest and my own. You can view my full disclaimer policy on the contact tab above*