Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Alva Caffeine Shampoo for Thinning Hair

Alva Caffeine Shampoo for Thinning Hair

Caffeine is known to be an ingredient which can help to penetrate the roots of hair.
I am all for thicker hair. I realise I am not in dire need to use shampoo designed purely for thinning hair, as the condition of my hair isn't thinning out too much, but I definitely need a helping hand. My hair has always tended to fall out quite a lot - through no medical condition, it has just always been that way, so I really wanted to see if this would stop when using a caffeine based shampoo.

To use, you simply wet your hair and apply the shampoo all over the scalp, like any other shampoo. The difference with this one though, is that Alva advise to leave the shampoo in the hair for two minutes before rinsing off. I have made sure to leave it in my hair at least two minutes every time I have used it before washing it off. I was expecting my hair to feel irritated or extremely dry/greasy, which is how I tend to feel when I leave shampoo on my hair for too long, but I was actually really impressed with the product as it doesn't cause any dry irritation to the scalp or feel greasy.
A little goes a long way with the Alva Caffeine Shampoo, it lathers really well and has a subtle, but pleasant scent.

 I have used the shampoo around a dozen times now, and I haven't yet seen any dramatic changes to my hair, though I have noticed my hair doesn't seem to fall out quite as much!  Overall, I am impressed that the shampoo washes my hair really well without leaving it irritated or feeling greasy. I wouldn't be able to recommend this shampoo for thinning hair as I feel I haven't used the product enough to give a fair recommendation, but I do feel it is washes my hair really well.
I would be interested to try the conditioner and use it with the shampoo to see the effectiveness of using both products together.

The Alva Caffeine Shampoo for Thinning Hair is available from My Pure here for only £15*.

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