Sunday, 9 November 2014

Christmas Gift Ideas for Tech Lovers

Hi everyone. Today is another Christmas Gift Guide series installment... sorry if I am bombarding you with all things Christmas but it is one of my favourite things all year round, I tend to mention it in all aspects of my life! Gift buying is something I enjoy doing, I especially like thinking of ideas and preparing gifts. Today I have gathered a few ideas for technology lovers.

Firstly, we have a really useful gift for not just a techno - type, but for anyone who uses their phone/social media on the go. This portable power bank from Maplin is great to charge mobile phones, iPods, iPads, and tablets. It can provide up to 84 hours charge on a mobile phone so is perfect if you are out all day, travel a lot or your battery dies quickly. We then have some touch screen gloves, which are great for the colder days so you can still use your technology on the go without having freezing cold hands. A really useful gift is a pair of headphones, but what is great about these headphones from IWOOT is that the cable is tangle free as the zip moves up and down. This is the answer to annoying tangled earphone cables! Lastly is this super cute phone case from Iconemesis. I love the cute design, it is adorable and will keep your phone safe.

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  1. I have been wanting a pair of those gloves for so long!! The amount of times I've had to take mine off so I can use my phone and it's been so cold, my fingers have turned red! Thank you! xx

    Dee | Prompts By Dee