Saturday, 10 May 2014

Fathers Day Gift Ideas: Grooming Products from The Bluebeards Revenge

This is the first post of a new mini series of blog posts I am writing for gift ideas for Fathers Day. I did a post like this last year which proved popular, so I thought I would do one again this year. I decided to write a few different posts aimed at different areas, as all Dads are different! Today's installment is Grooming.

Fathers Day is fast approaching, soon it will be June 15th!
In my family, me and my Sister really like to spoil our Dad with some special gifts for Fathers Day. Our Dad has well and truly been the most amazing parent to us and he has always looked after us. I really like buying gifts for him at Fathers Day as my Dad isn't the type of person to spoil himself or buy himself things, so it is a real treat to see how appreciative he is when he opens his gifts (although he does tell us off for buying him things, I know he loves the thought and time that has gone into them!). I love buying grooming gifts as I know he will get a lot of use out of them. I particularly like giving him gifts such as shaving products and fragrances as these are the products he uses the most, so was delighted to discover the brand The Blue Beards Revenge, who stock shaving products, hair and body products, razors and blades, fragrance and body sprays, soap, shaving creams, accessories and gift sets. There really is something for every man at Bluebeards Revenge!
The packaging is something that really caught my eye when I was browsing the website; I think it is so quirky and manly too! The description of the products on the packaging really makes me laugh, with a lot of banter- or shall I say Manter.
Two products I am featuring on this wishlist today is the Cooling Moisturizer and the Eau De Toilette 

 The Bluebeards Revenge Cooling Moisturiser,  The Bluebeards Revenge Eau De Toilette,  The Bluebeards Revenge EDT

 The Bluebeards Revenge Cooling Moisturiser,  The Bluebeards Revenge Eau De Toilette,  The Bluebeards Revenge EDT, Fathers Day Gift Ideas The Bluebeards Revenge,

The notes of this fragrance feature a rich blend of jasmine, black tea and watermint. The base notes include Madagascar vanilla highlighted by sandalwood and patchouli along with oakmoss and musk.
A few people have commented on the scent stating that they think it is a unique scent they haven't smelt before and I have to agree; I haven't smelt anything similar. The scent is quite a subtle scent - not too overpowering, not too light - just right; and lingers on the skin for hours. I love the sleek packaging - I think it looks very edgy and cool, and would be proudly placed in any mans fragrance collection - not just Dads.
My male tester states: "The fragrance has a great scent. It is masculine and I love the blue packaging of the bottle. It is great value for money".
The EDT is available on their official website or at Shaving Shack for £19.99.

 The Bluebeards Revenge Eau De Toilette,  The Bluebeards Revenge EDT, Fathers Day Gift Ideas The Bluebeards Revenge,

Cooling Moisturiser 
The moisturiser is another great product, which claims to sooth and re-invigorate the skin. The manly ingredients in this moisturiser include  Prickly Pear, Stinging Nettle and Fenugreek, which are all beneficial in achieving a smooth and soothing moisturise to the skin. The moisturiser also has a cooling agent which makes application a lot more enjoyable. I think a moisturiser makes a good gift for all Dads, as it is ideal to use both on face and body, and is a skin care product which takes little to no effort to use! 
I have been informed by my male tester that the moisturiser, in his own words, is "amazing - the smell is great. It is like a 2 in 1 as the moisturiser softens the skin while also giving an 'after shave like' scent, which lasts well throughout the day. The great thing about it is it doesn't irritate the skin. The packaging is masculine which you don't find much in skin care. It is nice to see a moisturiser aimed for men".
The Cooling Moisturiser is available at Shaving Shack or on their official website for £9.99.

 The Bluebeards Revenge Cooling Moisturiser

Blue Beards Revenge products are available online at their Primary Stockist which is Shaving Shack. Be sure to check out other products on the site too! You can also check out their official website here.
I love the brand Bluebeards Revenge; it has a great manly scent I know any Dad would love!

What do you buy your Father on Fathers Day? 
Have you heard of The Bluebeards Revenge brand before?

I was sent these products for consideration for review*


  1. Oooh, these sound nice! Where did you buy them from? Id like to be able to smell them in person! X

    1. They are available at Shaving Shack :) x

  2. These products sound great! I like to spoil my dad on father's day too :)

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  3. Those are all very cute & neat! I love to do gift baskets! A great grandma one (since they have everything) is "Glad Tidings of Great Joy!"

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