Saturday, 24 May 2014

Love Clothing Casual - Cool Wishlist!

I am writing another wishlist post today. i have recently been pondering on a fab website called Love - i am sure you have all heard of it. It is full of beautiful pieces with lots of key trend clothing, accessories and shoes. 

I have been loving the lovely weather we have been having recently in the UK. It has made me rethink  having to put on a coat with Every outfit and being able to be a little more playful with my outfits. I absolutely love the Jelly Shoe trend, I remember it well as a child in the early '90s. It is a little nostalgic for me but I really do think they look great styled out, I am lusting after this black pair of jelly shoes at the minute. I have teamed them up with these acid washed denim dungarees and a dinosaur t - shirt, I just love the idea of this outfit all together and think it would look amazing for Summer.

Keeping with a more casual but cool look, I have added this woman's Harrington to my wishlist. Admittedly I was hesitant to whether this would look good on me, my boyfriend is very into Mod Clothing and his Harrington looks quite cool and I thought this one would look great on me with some turned up jeans, like these mom acid washed blue jeans. A key staple in your wardrobe for any weather is a pair of skinny stretch jeans, these look perfect with pretty much anything and I really like the look of these. 
I also added this cute marl sweater in sky blue as I thought it looked really casual but comfortable, and light enough for the warmer days. The lace up platforms are my absolutely favourite of my entire wishlist, I think they would look great with both pairs of jeans, maybe even with the dungarees with some cute socks peeking over.

I am in absolute love with all of the pieces in my weishlist, I love really versatile pieces that you can throw on with anything. All of the items I have picked in my wishlist could mix and match with each other, which makes them great pieces to have in your collection. 

What are your favourite trend pieces this Month?
Are you lusting after anything from Love Clothing?


  1. Love the jelly shoes I really want a pair!


  2. I literally live in my jelly shoes!! But them other shoes look so cute too!