Friday, 16 May 2014

Avon Ultra Colour Absolute Lipstick in Smooth Plum

Hi everyone.
Today's blog post is a little review of a gorgeous Avon Lipstick from the Ultra Colour Absolute collection, called 'Smooth Plum'. From the first image, you can see it appears quite a dark violet, but once applied to the lips, it looks a very plum / berry shade.

The lipstick itself is very moisturizing and feels very creamy on the lips. 
The colour is long - lasting and doesn't need reapplying for a fair few hours. After a few hours of wearing the lipstick, I found absolutely no bleeding or smudging at all! I am really impressed of the staying power of the lipstick and how it does not dry out the lips.

I love the colour of the lipstick - to describe it, I would say it is a slightly burnt plum colour. I think it is a great lipstick for anyone that wants to try a slightly different shade or wants to try a darker purple colour, as it is a wearable colour for the day time as well as the night time.

You can order this or anything else from Avon from the lovely Rickie on her Avon website here or have a chat with her on Twitter at @BeautyFaves.

Have you tried any of the Avon Ultra Colour Absolute Lipsticks?*


  1. Such a gorgeous vampy shade! I haven't tried many lipsticks from Avon, but I did have one a while back and it was nice!