Tuesday, 14 May 2013

The Big Reunion Tour, Birmingham!

I went along to see The Big Reunion Tour on Sunday (12th May) which I am sure you have heard all about from the TV programme on ITV2!

Performing live at concert were B*witched, 5ive, 911, The Honeyz, Liberty X and Atomic Kitten and they were all fab! As a child I loved B*witched - there is video evidence somewhere of me singing (veryyy out of tune) Blame It On The Weatherman!
I had also seen Liberty X before a good many years ago now so I was excited to be seeing them again, and also the other bands too!
I went along with my lovely blogging friend Clare and we had a fab time  - and yes we remembered all the words and danced and sang all the way through!
We met in Town then got the train together to Birmingham, then headed off to the NEC.
Clare actually got the tickets and we had pretty good seating too which was fab - although we were convinced we were in the wrong seats all night!

Thanks Clare for a fab night!

Have you got any concerts lined up for this year?


  1. I saw this a week past monday, OMG I loved it! If I could be a concert tourist i'd go see it in every city. For me it was like a youth revival! loved it!

    Kirsty x www.rockit-style,blogspot.co.uk

  2. Glad to hear you had a good time, super jealous! x

  3. I'm going in December with my friend and her sister. Can't wait! Especially looking forward to seeing 5ive! x