Sunday, 7 July 2013

Weekend Bargain Find: Oversized Tote Bag from Matalan!

Bargain Of The Week!
Oversized Structured Tote Bag £16

Image from Matalan

Hi everyone!
I had been lusting over quite a fair few Zara bags recently, but me being me who likes a bargain and wanted to have a look if I could find cheaper alternatives, I trawled the interwebs to stare at pretty handbags. As you do.
This bag is no dupe for a Zara bag - I just think it looks as good as a Zara bag. It is over - sized and sturdy, looks fab and the best bit - only £16!
It is a plain black oversized handbag with plenty of room for books and folders, so it could be used as a students bag, work bag, holiday bag?
As you can see it has both a long and short strap so ideal for every day.
I thought I would share it as thought it was a complete bargain for such a stylish bag.

You can buy this online or instore at Matalan.


  1. I love this bag - what a bargain!

  2. I love it! I hope they ship internationally... ok maybe a small part of me wishes they don't since I'm on a semi-shopping ban...

  3. I'm going to walk away now, before I click that link... haha!

  4. Such a beautiful bag! And it so so affordable hey.

    Amina ∞ Oh Just One More

  5. nice bag seems like its very useful for a lot of things