Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Sanctuary Intesive Heel Balm

Sanctuary Spa Intensive Heel Balm

SS Intensive Heel Balm is available at Boots

I adore body lotions, I am always swapping the body creams and moisturisers I use but foot creams are something I never really use. I had this Sanctuary Spa Intensive Heel Balm in a gift set I picked up from the Christmas Sales and I hadn't used it, so decided I was going to see what wonders it would do!
Feet are something I wouldn't normally talk about here on my blog, but lets face it, we all have feet and we should look after them!

Every night for about 3 or 4 weeks I used a thick layer of the cream on my feet and would let it sink into the skin and wear cotton socks to bed. I noticed a slight change in my feet that they felt softer, but that was it really. It may be a product that takes a few months to work maybe? But I haven't noticed much difference. i probably wouldn't buy this again as I haven't noticed any difference really and would probably stick to a normal body moisturiser rather than buy a heel balm.

Have you tried any foot care products?

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  1. I got foot glove things that are supposed to soften but I'm not sure how much they actually did.

    Maybe need something a bit more medicated rather than beauty products (is this making sense?) to tackle sad heels especially for flip flop weather!

    Sara at Belfast Beauty Love