Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Summer Holiday Essential - Soap and Glory Scrub Of Your Life

Summer Holiday Essential!
Soap and Glory Scrub Of Your Life

This is a short and snappy little post sharing with you one of my Summer Holiday essentials! I have decided to post a little series of my favourite and some of the best holiday essentials, whether you are travelling down to the seaside at Blackpool or even jet setting off to Spain.

It is a gorgeous, thick, creamy scrub full of exfoliating beads to make sure your skin is left feeling refreshed and smooth. After using this on a Morning I feel very moisturised and ready for the day ahead.This nifty little scrub is 50ml so a fab size to take away with you and pop in your travel bag. This 50 ml travel size tube is only £2.50 so doesn't break the bank.

You can pick this up from Boots instore or online



  1. I want some Soap and Glory products!

  2. I have never actually tried any soap and glory products *shock horror*

    New follower!

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    Zara (Bows and Pearls)

  3. i need to use scrubs a lot more frequently! iv really neglected mine this summer ^_^

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  4. I would use it just to make my face smell like soap and glory haha! It smells so yummy! :)

    LizabethLoves x


  5. i've been hearing great things about this scrub. I will have to check it out after I'm done with my lush Ocean scrub. Love that stuff!