Monday, 31 August 2015

Summer Moments - Memories Jar with Robert Bakery

When Roberts Bakery got in touch asking if I would like start collecting memories in a memory jar, I was really interested in documenting this on my blog. I've always wanted to start a memory jar. I have started collecting a few memories for my memory jar and thought it would be fun to share some with you here. I'm also planning on adding in some train tickets and photographs taken throughout the Summer. I am hoping to continue adding memories to the jar throughout the Year and hopefully update this post with lots more memories!

A few of of my soft and fluffy moments this Summer start with a few picnics we had in the park! I love a picnic as it is so inexpensive but is always fun. I try to take a picnic with me whenever I can for days out as it is so easy for a simple lunch. Roberts Bakery sent me a few fun sandwich recipes to try out, which I have enjoyed creating but forgot to photograph! I have actually blogged about their Strawberries and Cream sandwich before, which you can check out here.
As well as picnics, I also traveled to York one Weekend this Summer to visit family; where we spent the afternoon having afternoon tea of yummy sandwiches and cake, it was lovely to spend time as a family. Another soft and fluffy moment was when we traveled to the seaside for the day this Summer to relax and unwind. On another Weekend this Summer, we also went to a local beer and cider festival, which was fun to try out the local drinks and catch up with friends.
You can check out the Roberts Bakery news blog posts to check out some cool recipes and updates ideal for Summer, as well as The Roberts Bakery Facebook Page which has cool competitions running at the moment.

What special memories do you have from this Summer?

*Includes PR sample*

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