Thursday, 20 August 2015

Cream Tea, Staycations, and Win a Holiday!

According to a survey that Parkdean recently conducted, it’s clear that the British staycation is clearly still alive and kicking. The survey also revealed some local preferences with the iconic and much-loved cream tea proving a ‘must-try’ amongst 62% of women in particular – be it Devonshire or Cornish. The amount of respondents agreeing that jam first, clotted cream second is the only way to go with cream tea scones was double out of those who put the jam on last. That is exactly how I have mine too! How do you eat yours? I love a good cream tea!

I am so glad that UK holidays or 'staycations' are still popular - I personally love UK holidays.
I have some fantastic memories of holidaying in the UK as a child. We holidayed many places in the UK - from Wales to Cornwall.
I remember staying in a lot of different places, such as; caravans, lodges, chalets, cottages, even camping at a pitch - its all good fun.
Making sandcastles at the beach, having a quick dip in the sea, having fish and chips for tea, strolling around seaside towns, spending my pocket money on keyrings and rock, spending our evenings at the entertainment and riding a donkey. Those are some really special memories of mine, I absolutely loved going on holiday in the UK as a child especially when we were going to the seaside. 

One UK holiday in particular I have fond memories of is when we stayed at Newquay in Cornwall for a Week.  I remember it was my Birthday while we were there and we visited Newquay Zoo for the day and I had such a great day! The weather was beautiful and it made my day so special - I loved walking along the beach on the early evening, it was a lovely way to spend a Birthday!
I still really appreciate holidays away in the UK now. We have such a beautiful country and sometimes it takes just visiting a different area to see what we have in the heart of our own country.

Staycations in Cornwall are great for all the family. There are plenty of beaches to visit, as well as lots to Towns to explore. There are plenty of attractions, such as; the Monkey Sanctuary, the Eden Project, Dairyland Farm, Blue Reef Aquarium, Cornish Sea Tours, any many more, which are sure to keep everyone occupied. There really is something for everyone.

Parkdean are currently holding a competition where you have the chance to win a holiday! It involves a few questions about your knowledge of  Cornwall and Devon. Its worth entering, you have to be in it to win it! You can take part by entering here. The competition close on the 4th September so you still have time! Good luck!


  1. I love UK holidays. I used to spend my Summers at the beach in West Sussex, we had a chalet there and I loved every minute. I do admit I love the heat so an exotic holiday is still up there too though!


    1. Oh it sounds lovely! I enjoy both, but there is something about a UK holiday that gets me every time! I think UK holidays have my heart because I have so many fond memories of my childhood :) xx