Thursday, 13 August 2015

My Hair-o-scope with Madison Reed

"...Channel the duality of your star sign with a customized hair color routine that shifts from fiery to icy cool with easy changes of semi-permanent gloss. If you love long hair, ask for layers that flatter your features, or try a short cut that suits the shape of your face. Either way, the world will be your oyster." Madison Reed

Madison Reed are hair dye and hair care specialists that you have probably already heard of. Madison Reed have a blog (I love it) and recently blogged about hair-o-scopes - something I found really fun and such an interesting read! To see what your hair-o-scope says, check out their blog post here. I am a Gemini and you can see for yourself what they say about my hair-o-scope!

This hair-o-scope really did make me laugh! I don't really think my hair (or myself) is particularly on trend but I definitely think my hair is pretty wild and adventurous!
It is difficult to tame my hair, so I definitely agree that on a good hair day my hair should be fashionable and photo-ready. The tip is quite accurate too, as I do feel like gloss helps my hair a lot. I really like using serums too so that my hair looks smooth and silky. 
I love dying my hair, in the past I have changed it so many times but in the past 3 years or so I have stuck with brown. I really want to try something new! 

Check out your own hair-o-scope online at the Madison Reed's website here. You can also check out their hair dye advisor page for tips and recommendations if you are planning on dying your hair.
What does your hair-o-scope say about your hair?

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