Sunday, 23 August 2015

Healthy Breakfast Time

Since starting my blog back in 2011, it has had many changes - I now write a lot of lifestyle posts, with lots of food posts too. I love food! I am trying to cut down on sugar and salt and eat a lot more healthily, so when contacted and asked if I would like to trial a healthy cereal called Keep Me Going, I was really interested and am happy to share my thoughts with you on my blog that I loved it!

To begin, I have to say I haven't always been the best person in the world to eat breakfast. I am not a Morning person, and for Years I am ashamed to admit that I skipped the first meal of the day. In the past few years I have got myself back into the routine of eating breakfast in a Morning, and no surprise is that I have enjoyed it and it has kept me going a lot longer during the day.

I am a big cereal fan, but often struggle to find a tasty alternative to the sugary cereals I am used to eating. Keep Me Going are Whole Grain Barley and Oat Pillows that have reduced sugar and low salt content. Barley and Oats are naturally low in fat, and no further fat is added to the cereal. It is also high in fibre which has been proven to help lower cholesterol levels.

So onto the cereal itself.
It tastes really good! The pillows taste a little like wheat cereals I have tried before, but they stay crunchy even with milk added. It is filling and I have enjoyed having it on a Morning. I really do think it has kept me running on a lot of energy until dinner time, I'm impressed. It is good to find a healthy cereal which I enjoy.
I have tried this both with skimmed milk and also with natural yoghurt and fruit, I think it tastes great with both - but I would definitely recommend trying with yoghurt! I think I may try adding honey to the mix for those days when I am after a sweet fix.
I really like the cereal - in fact I would be interested to see if the brand bring out flavoured oat and barley pillows in the future.

Included in every cereal box are Country trading cards - I love this! Its very nostalgic and I think this is great for children.

If you are interested in trying Keep Me Going out for yourself, they are available to buy online at Ocado here.

*Includes PR sample, all thoughts my own*

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