Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Nivea Lip Butters in Caramel Cream and Raspberry Rose

Its no secret that I am a huge lip balm fan. I have so many I am sure I am backed up for life. Anyway, when I heard a few months back Nivea were bringing out some lip butter balms, I couldn't wait to try them. And coincidently I had entered a give away and luckily received both the Raspberry Rose and Caramel Cream Lip Butters!

Nivea Lip Butter in Raspberry Rose and Caramel Cream  £2.25* each
Available at Boots and Superdrug

As you can see, these Nivea Lip Butters are packaged in extremely cute little screw tin pots which are very slim and easy to travel with. Unlike most lip balms stored in metal tins, these are really easy to open! They are scented and they both smell beautiful. My favourite is caramel cream, it smells delicious and I am constantly licking it off my lips. Raspberry Rose smells quite floral and sweet, just like raspberries, whereas caramel cream smells.. well just like caramel! They are both moisturising on the lips, but I find caramel cream much more moisturising out of the two. Both of these products are sheer just like the majority of lip balms. The lip balms last a good 8 hours with my lips still feeling very moisturised and soft. 
I would buy these in future as I find them really moisturising and worth the hype.

Have you tried any of the Nivea Lip Butters?


  1. I never seem to remember to bring lip balm with me, but my lips would definitely thank me for it, so I must try to remember to pick some up.

    1. i adore lip balm, i carry about 3 around with me but never use it enough! x

  2. Nivea has the best lip therapy products! I'm currently using Nivea's Essential Care & it makes lips super soft.

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    1. i love niveas products, great prices and good quality, simple products!
      I have that too, its brill! :) x