Thursday, 18 April 2013

Stylight - Creating Style Boards To Suit You (the fun way!)

"STYLIGHT is the most adorable fashion community on planet earth
that lets you create stunning fashion mood boards
with your favourite photos, videos, songs, quotes and fashion finds."

You know when you are really after some inspiration for what to wear with that beautiful mint skirt you have your eye on but you just cannot find anything? 
Stylight is a website where you create your own fashion mood boards for pretty much any occasion.
You can search other peoples boards for ideas and follow them on your feed!
There are over 70 stores on Stylight with over 400,000 fashion items. You are bound to find something you like!
Stylight is a big online community which doubles up as a search engine for all our stylish wants, needs and wishes! This is something that really appeals to me as I love sharing and communicating with like minded people, finding inspiration from other peoples ideas in fashion and style, and also find it really helps me create the ideas in my head for looks and outfits much more precisely.

Below you can see a image of my feed on Stylight, where it shows all the users I follow, and show their latest boards they have created! I love looking at inspired outfit posts - and seeing how people have recreated their look from their boards!

My favourite though it to make my own inspiration boards for outfits - I am useless at putting outfits together so I love to make these to give me a helping hand!

Making your board
You can type in anything (for example, I typed in 'mint') into the search box and an array of different items from various stores that are suitable to your search queries will appear on your screen. 
You can even alter the price range, brand, colour and popularity in your searches!

Then, you just hover your mouse over your chosen item and 'heart' or save to your board. Simples!

Below, you can see my Mint Casual Outfit board! I love that you can see all of the items together, and that you can also add quotes, photos, videos and music! You can share your on pictures of you wearing the clothes or perhaps photographs of you in a similar, inspired outfit to give others inspiration!  Maybe you are trying to find an inspired look of your favourite celebrity  Upload a picture of them to your board and go searching! You could even add your own music to suit the mood of your style, and share with your friends!

By clicking on any item on Stylight, you can go straight to the shop if you want to purchase it, so it is pretty much like styling your outfit to perfection without even having to leave the house!

You can sign up to Stylight by clicking here.

What do you think of Stylight? Will you be signing up and making your own fashion mood boards?
Let me know if you do, I would love to see your wish boards!
Mine is zoeliannex if you were wondering :)


  1. I would definitely make a fashion mood board on stylight. Mint is one of my favorite colors and that cardigan you have chosen is stunning!

    1. it is such a good site definitely sign up i'll follow you!
      its a beauty isn't it, i keep lustering after it! x

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