Thursday, 25 April 2013

Nivea Express Hydration Primer

Nivea Daily Essentials
Express Hydration Primer
Dry & Sensitive Skin


 This product aims to moisturise your skin and to absorb instantly so that make up can be applied straight away. It aims to keep our skin feeling moisturised all day and to keep your make up stay put. It is contained in a 50 ml glass jar. It retails for around £5.05. This particular Primer is for Dry/Sensitive Skin.


As you can see, the product is held in a small little glass jar, with a pink lid which initiates what skin type it is aimed for. The box has information about the product which I have since thrown away.


 The product feels and looks like a light moisturiser. For me, it suited my skin type even though I have quite oily skin, I bought this as I have had very dry skin the past two months and it works great for me. If applying too much though it doesn't work well for me, so I would suggest using a small amount.

My thoughts:

For me, I had to use the tiniest amount of this primer every time I used it as it would make my face look super greasy. It applied nicely and made my make up stay on all day which is good. The only downfall which really struck me was that it was definitely not a product which absorbed instantly. Whenever I use it, even very lightly, I have to wait at-least 15 minutes before applying my make - up which is kind of annoying if you are in a rush! In general though I do quite like the product itself and would consider buying it again in the future.

You can purchase the primer from Superdrug.

Have you tried any of the new Nivea range yet?


  1. I have this product but the one for normal to combination skin and I have found that it does not absorb quickly, however I love the way it makes my skin feel :) and it smells lovely :)

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    1. mine doesn't either, my sister bought it too and she said its fine for her but it takes ages for me!
      its lovely once its sunked into the skin isn't it :) xx

  2. I had no idea Nivea made skincare like this! I would probably love it, especially since I have drier skin! Great post xoxo

    1. nivea are pulling out all the stops recently! :) xx