Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Birmingham Blogger Meet!

Last Saturday (20th April) I attended another Blogger Meet Up in Birmingham, organised by Sara, Hayley, and Chloe. The girls had been organising the meet up since the end of January, and they pulled out all the stops! 

We met at Starbucks at 12.45, where the girls then gave us a little quiz to fill out through out the day. It had a variety of beauty questions and a few general questions about Birmingham. I thought this was a really fun thing to do and got us all thinking!

Birmingham Based Beauty Blogger, Birmingham Blogger Meet Up

We then split up to grab something to eat, meeting back at Selfridges for a guided fashion tour around the clothing brands inside Selfridges with a bit of background information on them. It was an interesting talk and I was surprised at how many clothing brands were in Selfridges - I've never really looked at the clothes! Thank you to the two ladies (Apologises I didn't catch their names) that showed us around .

After the fashion tour around Selfridges, we split into little groups to go shopping. Our group ended up going into Superdrug, Lush and Topshop, and with it being an absolutely gorgeous day, we decided we would sit by the fountains in the fresh air for half an hour or so afterwards to chill out and chat. Me and Clare had met up beforehand and realised there was an event going on near the fountains for ST Georges Day by Heart FM, with live music, entertainment and attractions, so it was a nice add to the day. 

The lovely Tasha

Lovely girls Sarah and Clare

Me and my buddy Clare

At around ten to four, we then head off to meet the other girls at Bar Room Bar located in The Mailbox, where the girls had organised talks from Benefit, John Lewis, Bodhi Skincare and also KrisXChi Jewellery to get lots of information on their product lines which was great. Each of these companies very kindly gave each of us some of their products which was so, so kind of them! I am so grateful and appreciative of that.

Benefit They're Real and Fake Up

KrisXChi Alice In Wonderland Pink and Gold Detail Tea Pot Necklace
(The jewellery pieces were personally chose to suit us - how absolutely lovely is that! Spot on with me - I love anything cute, ditsy and girly)

Bodhi Skin Care Products

Lovely samples and a Liz Earle Body Lotion from John Lewis


A few of the bloggers at Bar Room Bar

Strawberry Daiquiri

After the talks, we were each given raffle tickets to hold onto until the end of the night and handed in our little quizzes from the morning! The people that answered the most correct won some amazing prizes! 
We all received something lovely from the raffle too, mine being these beautiful eyelashes. I love them, they have little bows all around them and they are adorable!
Paperself Eyelashes

We munched on yummy food (mine being the 6" Americana Pizza!) and sipped on cocktails, Sara's mum even made a cake! How lovely is that! I don't have a picture of the cake but it was in the same design as the Brum Blogger Meet Logo! I thought it was a lovely touch ontop of all the other lovely things the girls had planned it literally was the icing on the cake!

We were also very kindly given a goodie bag to take home full of oh so many lovely things.... I cant believe the amount we were given, I cant wait to start trying everything and share with you guys here on my blog all of these great things.
A big Thank You to all the brands involved and off course Sara, Chloe, and Hayley.

I had a great time on Saturday, I chatted to a few bloggers I had met before and some I hadn't so it was great to meet new people! It was a gorgeous day (not a rain drop insight!) and I really enjoyed myself. So much thought, hard work, time and effort went into planning and organising and lots of kudos to the girls as it was a fantastic day!


  1. This sounds awesome, I would love to attend one of these blogger meet ups but being in Lincolnshire I don't think that there are any or many in this region :(

    I'm currently hosting a giveaway on my blog, if you would like to enter then please take a peek at:-


    Thank you xxx

    1. awww, you could start your own, i'm sure there are plenty of bloggers near you :)

      thanks hun xx

  2. I really wanted to attend this meetup, it would have been so amazing to meet you girls! Unfortunately I wasn't accepted :( gutted haha.

    Maybe another time :)

    Laura xx

    1. aww thats a shame , i remember now you live pretty local near me don't you :)
      awww :( hopefully you can come next time! :) xx