Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Tips on How to Get Smooth Legs

In aid of getting my body Summer ready, I have been using a few different products to make me feel a little more confident for when the weather picks up a little. I have been after some wax strips for my legs for a while; I shave my legs in the Winter, but for Summer, I feel waxing is so quick and easy and lasts a lot longer than shaving so when the weather is warmer or if I am off to a special event, I think wax strips are ideal.

I thought I would share a few other tips on how to get your legs feeling super soft and smooth.

  • Cleanse and exfoliate - exfoliating the skin removes dead skin cells which makes the skin much more clear for hair removal
  • Hair removal is personal choice - if you do choose hair removal you can shave, wax, use an epilator, hair removal creams - there a few different options. 
  • Shaving is a great way of leaving your legs feeling smooth, especially when used with a shaving cream or body wash. Always be careful when shaving and don't share razors!
  • Waxing can be expensive if you go to a beauty salon, so waxing strips can be ideal to do at home to prolong that smooth feeling on your legs. I have been using Veet's Wax Strips Natural Inspirations which are for normal skin. They are super easy to use by following the simple instructions on the box. They come with finish wipes too to remove any of the wax after use. They leave my legs feeling super soft and they work really well and last a lot longer than shaving, I would definitely recommend as they are reasonably priced too.
  • Moisturising your legs after shaving will help to keep them feeling soft for longer.
  • Drink water as this is proven to keep you hydrated which were help to keep your skin to feel smooth.
What are your top tips for smooth legs?

*Post includes PR sample*

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