Monday, 29 June 2015

Protecting Your Skin in the Sun with SmartSun

We all understand the importance of protecting our skin in the sun - it is extremely important that we use sun cream and protect our skin as much as we can. 

The SmartSun wristband is a really clever product which is able to measure the amount of UV radiation that you have been exposed to, and it changes colour according to when you need to reapply lotion or stay out of the sun. To use, you simply put on the wristband before going out into the sun and apply sun lotion to yourself and the wristband. It will change colour to beige when you need to reapply suncream, and will change colour to pink if you need to stay out of the sun,

I think the wristbands are great as they are suitable for everyone to wear, are discreet, waterproof, and a really handy and clever way to keep an eye on how long you have been in the sun and how long the sun cream we use protects us from the sun. These are perfect for both taking on holiday as well as using them at home when you are outside in the warmer Months. Being able to protect our skin in the sun is very important as the sun can cause serious damage to skin, so any product which helps us become more aware of the protection we need to use is always useful. 

The wristbands are available from Smart Sun UK for £4.99 for a pack of five. Each wristband is one time wear only.

You can keep up to date with Smart Sun UK by visiting their website and following their pages on Facebook and Twitter.

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  1. This is a brilliant idea! Something that i'd definitely get use out of because i always forget to reapply my sun lotion!

    Courtney |