Monday, 22 June 2015

ECOTOOLS Bamboo Eye Enhancing Duo Brush Set

Ecotools are a well-known make-up brush brand that are environmentally friendly. As I really like the brand, I do tend to look into them first when shopping for new make-up brushes. I came across the Bamboo Eye Enhancing Duo Brush Set whilst browsing online and realized I had never seen this set before. As the brushes are double - sided, I thought this set would be a perfect go - to kit for doing my eye make-up in a rush, travelling, perfect for my make-up bag and generally some good beauty tools to add to my collection.

The set includes a shade and define brush, which is perfect for applying eyeshadow, and to add a little more detail with the define end of the brush. I have used the Ecotools shadow brush before and I really like it as it packs a lot of product on and distributes it well. The define end of the brush is good but I don't really get a lot of us out of it; it is good to know I have it if I need it though.
It also includes a blend and smudge brush, that is perfect for blending out the eyeshadow, and the smudge end of the brush is good to smudge eyeliner. The smudge end of the brush is really good and works really well. The blend end of the brush leaves your eye makeup looking blended out and soft, I am so impressed with this brush overall, as I feel it is such a reasonable price for how good this brush is alone.

The set is so inexpensive at just £5.99 , I think that is really good value for money considering that the brushes are good quality. I feel that this kit would be good maybe for someone just starting out in make-up as well as long time beauty lovers, as the price is so reasonable and you get two brushes which double up as four, and you have pretty much everything you need to apply your eye shadow products with just those two. I find make-up brushes can be quite expensive if I am honest; but I feel Ecotools are definitely a really good quality beauty brush brand which are easily accessible and are low in price too.
The Ecotools Bamboo Eye Enhancing Duo Brush Set is available to buy online from Mypure here.

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