Sunday, 14 June 2015

How To Keep Your Feet Looking Beautiful

As the Summer is coming up, I thought I would share my top tips on how to keep your feet looking beautiful. Our feet do a lot for us - we should look after them! 

  • Moisturise your feet - as well as cleansing your feet every day, using a moisturiser or a foot cream on your feet will help to prevent any dryness or cracked skin. It will also leave them feeling super soft too, and smelling lovely! I have been using the Scholl Velvet Smooth Intense Serum recently, which is great to apply to your feet when they are feeling dry, as it really improves the appearance. I have noticed a huge difference in my feet since using it. 
  • Exfoliate your feet once a Week by using a good scrub, which will help to remove dead skin cells and keep your feet looking healthy.
  • Use a foot file or a similar device to remove any hard skin. Always be careful though!
  • Certain shoes sometimes cause blisters, cracked skin or irritation, so it is best to ensure your shoes are as comfortable as can be. Insoles and Heel Cushions (I really like Scholl's Invisible Gel  Heel Cushions for nights out) are a great way to keep your feet comfortable. 
  • If shoes do cause you any irritation and leave your feet looking and feeling sore, plasters will help to comfort your poor tootsies, I always try and be prepared for sore feet by taking plasters when I am off to a special event.
  • Tackle fungal nail infections and any other foot infections (like verrucas) by getting them treated promptly. Always ask the advice from a medical professional if unsure.
  • Feet sweat. It is a fact of life, our feet move a lot and do a lot, so it is completely natural for feet to sweat. Sweat doesn't create an odour; odours are actually made from bacteria in the shoes - something I only learnt myself recently! Using a shoe spray like the Scholl Fresh Step Antipersperant helps to ensure there are no odours from your shoes. It smells really fresh and has given my old running trainers a new lease of life!
  • Have a pamper session for your feet - give yourself a foot massage, a pedicure, all that lovely stuff to leave your feet looking and feeling beautiful.
How do you keep your feet looking beautiful?

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  1. I had a whole load of Dr Scholl products- they were really nice for my feet!x