Friday, 11 July 2014

Yung Skin Face Cream and Food

I have been getting more into my skin care recently, and when contacted to see if I wanted to try some of the Yungskin* products, of-course I said yes! I had heard a little through the grapevine about the Yungskin face cream, and being very intrigued to try the Yungskin 'Food' - I was very excited to trial these products out.

Yung Skin is a brand which is based on the principles of homeopathy and acupuncture to help improve mature skin. Yung Skin products aim to "restore skins vitality, regenerate and rejuvenate skin cells, tighten skin, reduce appearance of wrinkles and blemishes, and to ensure youthful looking and glowing skin". The products utilise quantum energy science and cellular stimulation to rejuvenate the skin. It is all very scientific and technical - in simpler terms, the products have basically been infused with energies which activate the Acupuncture points and muscular commands in the skin.

Yung Skin Face Cream in Light

I decided on the face cream in light, as it is more appropriate for me as I have young skin. The rich face cream is more suited for more mature skin. I opted to use this face cream as my day cream and night cream. The cream is not too thick, heavy or greasy which is perfect for using both day and night. I have been using this for a couple of weeks now and have noticed that my blemish prone skin has calmed down a lot. My skin feels softer and slightly tighter. When I first began using the cream, it felt slightly tingly on the skin, but nothing to be concerned about - this is how it works - it is just the blood circulation. As I am in my mid - Twenties I luckily have not had any wrinkle concerns just yet, but time is ticking and I definitely want to take care of my skin the best I can. I would recommend this face cream if you are looking for a product that not only moisturises your skin, but also promotes healthier looking skin and improves the appearance of your skin. I am really impressed with all of the benefits of using this face cream.
Yung Skin also kindly sent some little sample pots to maybe pass onto a friend, which I am going to give to my Sister - I am sure she will love it just as much as I do.

Yungskin Food

The 'Food' was something I was very interested in trying out. Yung Skin state that "pH alkaline liquid which has been infused Homeopathically with the energies of various ingredients to feed and rejuvenate the skin from within.". It is suggested you use the face cream and food in combination together for best results, which is what I did.
There are minimal ingredients in the food; all including properties which help to rejuvenate the skin from within. You can read more about them here. I added 10 drops in a small glass of water both Morning and Night. Personally, I couldn't taste any change to my water, which is a great plus as it made no difference.

In conclusion, I feel my skin feels and looks healthier. My redness areas have calmed down a noticeable amount - enough that people have commented on my skin looking 'glowing'. I would repurchase this in the future. Although I am no science - whiz and don't know the ins - and - outs of how it actually works, what I know is that it does work for me and my skin. I have found it quite interesting to find out a little more about looking after my skin in preparation for when I get older.

You can view the entire Yung Skin range on their website here. 

*The Yungskin product range, in the EU, will be distributed only through certified practitioners and beauty therapists - because the facelift reaction on some people can be quite dramatic and Yungskin feel there is a need for the client to be educated by the practitioner so that if a reddening of their skin does take place they know that it is normal for them and will abate within 20 minutes. 

*This post contains PR samples/items which were sent to me for consideration to review. All opinions are 100 %  honest and my own. You can view my full disclaimer policy on the contact tab above*

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