Sunday, 27 July 2014

An Introduction to SureSet's Perma Plant

Hi everyone. Today's post is slightly different to my normal postings here on Zoe Lianne. I want to introduce more lifestyle, home interior and gardening posts here on my blog.

Introducing SureSet's Perma Plant

The Perma Plant is a new plant pot topping product which makes potted plants look neater and also reduces the need to maintain them. To use, you simply apply the Perma Plant Topping on top of the soil layer. By doing this, it makes the plant pot look attractive and takes away the added stress of having to keep the soil tidy and free of weeds.

 By using Perma Plant, it gives the same appearance as decorative gravel - but you don't have to fuss over the loosing soil or stones. SureSets permable resin bound system has been applied on Perma Plant, so that normal watering can be completed as normal. Perma Plant is also pet and child friendly. 

The Perma Plant kit comes with easy to read instructions, taking you through how to use your kit.
There is a wide choice of different finishes of the Perma Plant topping.The choice is yours!

I will be trialing out the Perma Plant very soon - we love pretty plants in our family so I will be dedicating a blog post sharing photos of us using the kit and of-course the outcome once the Perma Plant has been applied.
I will be sharing with you more images in a further blog post once our chosen plant has been potted and we have used the Perma Plant Topping. 

For more information, visit SureSets website to read more about their Perma Plants. 

Images belong to SureSets website - source

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