Saturday, 26 July 2014

Recent Empties

I think this Months empties post should be renamed the gift set empties post as I have used up a load of beauty products I received in Christmas gift sets etc. 

Soap and Glory The Righteous Butter x3 (!): That's right, I have finished off three tubs of Soap and Glory's infamous body butter this Month. It has taken me absolutely ages to finish using the huge tub, and the little tubs have been sat in my vanity for ages with barely any product left inside, so decided to finish them all off! I do love this body butter as it is my go-to product if I want smooth and soft skin. I think I will stay away from the S&G section in Boots for a while though!

Tesco Indulgent Conditioner in Coconut: Just a basic conditioner here for every day really, it smells really nice but it isn't a brilliant conditioner and I wouldn't write home about it but we've finally finished it all off. I probably wouldn't rush out to get it again.

Lipsy Body Scrub: This is just a random body scrub that we had in our bathroom, it was quite a nice scent and it was a decent body scrub, not much all to say about it really. 

Sanctuary Body Lotion x2: More body lotions! These are lovely body lotions but we have far too many of them. it looks like one of them still has product left, which it does but it is stuck and I am just not that bothered about cutting it open to rescue it. 

Gorgeous By Gok Shower Scrub: This product is absolutely gorgeous. I love Gok and absolutely love when Boots sold his Christmas gift sets. I would definitely buy this again but I am unsure if they are available to buy any more.

Cussons Imperial Leather Soft Touch Moisturising Shower Cream with Jojoba Milk & Vitamin E: I have finished off another bottle of this beautiful shower cream this Month. It is becoming the 'norm' now for me to pick this up when I go grocery shopping as we both love the scent and it generally is a really good body wash. 

Hask Argan Oil Intense Deep Conditioning Hair Treatment: This was a little treat for my hair mid week last week. It was a nice conditioning treatment which made my hair quite soft  I did like it but prefer Hask's Oil Treatments rather than this conditioning treatment. 

Soap and Glory Heel Genius: I have finally used this up. It smells really fresh but I don't think it is a great foot cream to be honest! I have a few tubes of this and they always come in the big gift sets at Christmas but they are something I could live without.

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  1. I love the sanctuary range in boots they always have great deals!

    I have a giveaway running to win a designer scarf if you want to have a look!