Saturday, 5 July 2014

Event: Nail It! Birmingham, Urban Coffee.

Nail It! 

At the weekend I headed to Birmingham to attend an event held at an independent coffee shop Urban Coffee. I was really looking forward to it, as it was all about nails. I am quite clueless and not the best with painting my nails, so I was looking forward to trying some new colours out! 

On arrival, we we were given refreshments and we then took a seat to begin our nail styling! We used Avon's New Gel Finish Nail Polishes and their other Nail Polishes - I absolutely love the lilac shade - there was a huge selection of lovely colours to choose from. We also tried out the Magnetic Nail Polish and the Magnetic Wands - very impressive. other items we tried out were the Avon Nail Gems, Nail Enamel Corrector Pen, Gem Applicator, and lots more! We also had a look at some of the Avon Perfumes, Mascaras and Eye Shadows as well as having a good browse of the Avon brochure.

A big thank you to Rickie for arranging the entire event. I think it was a huge success and I thoroughly enjoyed my time there, it was a lot of fun.
You can purchase Avon products from Rickie here.

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  1. Thank you, really appreciate the feedback! So glad you came and enjoyed.