Thursday, 31 July 2014

Carmex Love

Are you a fan of Carmex? I am a big fan of their popular lip balms. I own the lip balm in Mint, Cherry and ofcourse the classic original. A must - have in your hand-bag, Carmex are great for on the go. They moisturise the lips as well as smoothing out cracked lips. As a really reasonably priced lip balm you can pick up from pretty much any Boots or Superdrug, you can't really go wrong. I love the scented Carmex, but the classic is definitely my favourite. A complete staple for any beauty lover!


  1. I picked up a tube in London after hearing so many great things about it, can't wait to try it out :-)

    Christine, x

  2. I adore my Carmex! I love mine in the little pot version though; I find the tubes a little runny. I agree that Original is most definitely the best! x