Thursday, 12 December 2013

Review: Yankee Candle in Warm Spice

                                             Yankee Candle Warm Spice

It is no word of a lie when I say I really love candles. I know every blogger and their mum seem to yarp on about the candle God of all Gods Yankee, but they really are worth all of the glory as they are the best candles I have used. That aside, I thought I would write up a few reviews on some of my favourite scents, as I haven't really done this much on my blog before.

Warm Spice is a scent which is pretty self - explantory... think creamy, home baking, cinnamon, nuts and brown sugar. The scent is very crisp and sweet, without it being overally sweet or sickly. The scent does not smell synthetic or fake, it smells like real home baking at Christmas time. The long - lasting smell is quite strong but not overwhelming.
This burns really nicely and evenly, which is good value for money in my opinion. I find when buying cheaper candles they don't burn as equal as Yankee Candles do.
The scent fills an entire room, and the burn time is really good for about 25+ hours I would say on average. I really like the tumblers, but I have no preferance between Yankees tumblers or jars.

Are you a fan of Candles?
What is your favourite?

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  1. I really am not a fan of candles because I am actually really scared of fire lol (: