Thursday, 19 December 2013

My Eyebrow Routine

How I Do My Eyebrows

Anyone that knows me well enough knows how obsessive I cn get with my eye brows. I like them to look nicely shaped and filled in. My eyebrows are something that I take pride in. Some may mock, but I just really like them to look neat and tidy, as naturally they are sparse and messy.

Once a fortnight (or whenever I feel they need doing) I wax my eyebrows using waxing strips especially designed for eyebrows, which are from Superdrug. The packs are really inexpensive and easy to use. They are readily shaped in short strips so they fit nicely underneath the brow.
 Between waxes, I pluck any stray hairs if I need to, but I try to keep this to a minimum as I can get quite obsessive and end up with none (!). I use slanted tweezers which I have had for years, I have no idea where they are from.

To style and fill in my brows I use a few different products and tools. I use an eyebrow brush to brush the hair the way I want it to sit (which I forgot to include in the photograph below, but we all know what they look like!). Next, I use w7's Style Eyes, which is effectively just a eyelash wand with a wet gel which helps to shape the brow. I use this before any other product so the hairs stay in place and it is easier to use.
I then use a thin, angled eyebrow brush from MUA Proffesional to apply the products. I use MUA Pro - Brow shadow (the darkest shade) firstly to fill my brows in, and then go over with a Real Techniques angled eye brush with Mac's Brun Eyeshadow. To finish, I use the wax included in the MUA Pro brow set to set my eyebrows. Thats it.

I know some people find it strange I use a fair few products on 'just eyebrows' - but it takes me less than five minutes to do. I always try to follow my eye brows natural shape, and I try my best not to go over the top with them, but I do really like doing them myself. I used to get them waxed at a Salon every two Months, but I just find it more convenient to do it at home now. My eyebrows are something I do every day - I can happily go for weeks without wearing any other make up, aslong as my brows are tidy and filled in.

What make - up is essential for you everyday?


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