Friday, 14 June 2013

The Skin Regime Book Review

The Skin Regime by Dana Ramos*

I have always felt really self - conscious about my skin. I have naturally oily skin, and constant flushed cheeks which isn't a good look. I also, like many of us get a few spots, but blemishes are my main problem.

When I was contacted by Dana Ramos, author of The Skin Regime: Boot Camp For Beautiful Skin, I was delighted that someone had created a book which explains thoroughly what products (and other factors) help your skin. 

Her book is a great read which covers the importance of looking after your skin, information on skin care that has false claims and how to spot them, advice and warnings on the use of skin care, how to use skin peels with make up, and using skin peels on the rest of the body. It gives great advice on how to use skin peels and what to expect after the use. The book is witty and interesting, I would recommend to anyone as it holds a lot of information I had no idea about previously. 

I used the skin peel provided by Dana after reading her book and following the instructions. It felt quite tingly and strange  on the skin but it wasn't uncomfortable at all. I used it at around 6PM, after following the instructions I washed my face afterwards and carried on with my evening. I didn't think much about it for a few days but it was about the 3rd or 4th day after use I noticed a huge difference to my face. As I mentioned, my face is always red and flushed but I woke up after a few days with my cheeks looking normal for once! I couldn't believe the difference the peel made! This is coming from a girl that has tried hundreds of products which promised to get rid of redness.... And failed! The peel made my skin feel a lot more calm in a sense, it looked glowing and radiant, I wasn't expecting such a result at all. As for spots and blemishes I only had a couple on my chin previous to using the peel, they had all pretty much gone after a few days. 

My verdict 
I think from my experience using the peels has proved that they have worked really well for me and my skin. The results of my skin has shown how affective skin peels can be. Before reading Danas book I didn't know anything about skin peels but always thought they sounded quite scary - I now know as long as you use the correct peels your skin will be fine! It literally takes a few minutes in the day to do which is a lot less time I usually spend cleansing and using toner and other skin care products.

If you are interested in knowing more about skin peels and Danas book head over to - You can read the first 30 pages of her book on the site!
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Have you ever tried a skin peel? X


  1. ooh I may have to get this book and maybe the peel too. Heard a lot about it lately and all good things! x

  2. I've never tried one, they always kind of scared me for some weird reason. Thanks for the tip about the book by the way, will check it out right now!