Thursday, 13 June 2013

Bon Jovi Because We Can Tour!

Last weekend me and my best friend Kayleigh tootled off to Villa Park to see the fantastic Bon Jovi on their Because We Can tour! I was so excited having being a big fan since I can remember. My boyfriend bought us tickets for my Christmas presents but unfortunately couldn't go as he had other commitments, which meant my friend could come along which was good as we love Bon Jovi, my boyfriend isn't a big fan of them.

We caught two trains to get to Villa Park which was a story in itself, drama! We waited for an hour for the gates to open, then got us some food, drinks and swent and found our seats. We had okay seating really as we were centre to the stage facing towards , but we were far back but it was still amazing!

Their support bands were 'Of Kings and Captains' a band I had never heard of before but they were really good! Their second support act to my surprise were 'The Enemy' I was really shocked to see them there as I really like them, I follow their page on Facebook/Twitter and they never mentioned it! I don't think many people there knew who they were but I was singing my head off haha.

Bon Jovi graced the stage at 8PM sharp and WOW they are possibly the best band I have ever seen live, I love my music and seeing live music is definitely one of my favourite things to do I was amazed! They played some of their new songs, loads of their old classics and they stayed on stage until about 22:50! Almost 3 hours on Bon Jovi, they were fantastic.

Their set up was really cool as they had the front of a car (see picture below) which changed colour throughout different songs.
I would love to see Bon Jovi live again as they were incredible and would recommend to anyone to see them live as it is an experience in itself!

What is the best live performance you have been to?


  1. I work with one of the guys from Of Kings And Captains, the best band I've seen live is probably 30 Seconds To Mars
    : ]

  2. They were amazing!! I saw them on Thursday in Sunderland!! Best night I've had in