Sunday, 30 June 2013

Follow my blog over on Bloglovin!

Hi everyone,
as we know Google Reader will sadly be leaving us as of tomorrow, so please do stay connected to my blog! :)

You can follow me over on Bloglovin by searching for 'Zoe Lianne' in the search box, pressing the bloglovin button on the right hand of the side bar of my blog, or by clicking on this link right here! :)

You can also follow my blog via Hellocotton and GFC which you can find on the contact page :)

Hope you are all well!
What are your thoughts on waving goodbye to Google Reader?


  1. I think the google friend connect will still be available and it's just the reader that's going.

    Hopefully that's true!

    Would appreciate if you checked out my blog.

    1. yeah i know that hun :) thanks
      have done! x