Friday, 29 March 2013

Whats In My Make Up Bag?

What's in my make up bag?

Okay so I did this post a good while back now but looking back on it it was a little rubbish to say the least and thought I would do a more updated version. I am still in the process of writing blog posts of my make up collection but it is taking a while to write up and photograph everything but I will post it all soon :)

You may notice there are no lip products in my make - up bag... as I change it up every day I usually pop in which ever I am using that day :)

I don't tend to take my make up bag out with me daily either, unless I am staying over somewhere and I need it the following day, I tend to just pop my powder, mascara and lipstick in my bag so I can just top up throughout the day if I need to.

MUA Pro Brow Eye Brow Kit
As you can see this is a little worse for wear and the writing is all rubbed off. I use this every single day (even days when I wear no other make up) as I hate my brows and always fill them in. It isn't an outstanding product but it does the job for me. The mirror is really handy and the mini tweezers included are really good.

Soap and Glory Thick And Fast Mascara
This is my current favourite mascara. I got it for Christmas in the S&G 'Best Of All' gift set. It makes my lashes look really thick and I really like it so far. I would definitely recommend it if you have very short lashes.

MUA Mosaic Blush in English Rose
I like swirling my brush around the different colours in this blush to create different looks. I will be honest in saying the colour pay off isn't excellent, as it isn't the most pigmented product in the world, but that is good for me as I have very pale skin and find most blushers way too bright. You can also double this product up as a multi - purpose item as it could be used for bronzer or high light.

Maybelline 24 Hour Colour Tattoo in 65 Pink Gold
This is a gorgeous cream eye colour. It is true to its word, it stays on all day and doesn't crease which I find a common problem with cream eye shadows. It is such a wearable colour for me on a day to day basis and is so pretty.

Soap and Glory Smoulder Kohl and Super Cat
I adore both of these eye liners. The pen is very fine and gives a precise line, and the kohl pencil gives great definition and is very black and doesn't fade throughout the day.

Sleek Palette in Au Naturel 601
I use this palette most days and find the shadows have great colour pay - off and last well too. The colours are all natural, brown and cream tones which blend out really nicely. I also use this palette on my eyebrows too, it has a great selection of natural colours.

Collection Pressed Powder in 18 Ivory
I repurchase this product all the time! It doesn't last a great amount of time but it is a decent powder for me, and  I have found it is one of the only high street powder which matches my skin tone. I have used it for years and still love it now.

Rimmel Match Perfection Foundation in 010 Light Porcelain
I recently bought this and so far so good! It is a great match to my skin tone and gives a great finish. The only thing that annoys me about it is that it is in a glass bottle, which often gets knocked about in my make up bag.

 Collection Primed and Ready Primer
I bought this just a few months back and it does the job, not perfect but good value for the price and it is nearly finihsed now, I have another primer ready and waiting to test out once it is gone.

No 7 Cheek Colour in 22 Candy Pink
This is my favourite blush to date, it looks really natural and gives my skin a healthy flush of colour, I use it a lot more than the MUA Mosaic Blush but occasionally use them together.

Stila Illuminating Concealer in Fair 03
This has almost finished, boo. It has been a decent concealer but doesn't hide my dark circles very well, I think I will try out the infamous collection 2000 concealer instead next time.

What is your holy grail product for your make up bag? Mine is eye liner!


  1. Nice post! I spotted a few things I have in my makeup bag at the moment too! The MUA brow kit, Rimmel Match Perfection Foundation, Soap and Glory mascara and Maybelline colour tattoo!

    I'm lovin the Soap and Glory mascara, it's lovely!

    Kimberley x

    1. thanks hun :)
      hehe great minds think alike, i adore that mascara, cant believe how good it is! :)

  2. Replies
    1. thanks hun, its quite a good cheap brand, aww hopefully they will launch near you soon, or you could buy online?

  3. Cool Collection ^^