Sunday, 10 March 2013

Collection Primed & Ready Make-Up Primer

Collection (2000) Primed & Ready Smoothing Make - Up Primer £5.99

I bought this primer a few months ago when it was first released by Collection (around the same time when they were in one of the beauty boxes) as my favourite L'OrĂ©al Paris Studio Secrets Smoothing Resurfacing Primer had ran out, I wanted to try a cheaper alternative to priming my skin read before applying make - up. 

The packaging to the product is quite nice for a cheaper product, it is in a black tube with bright pink writing. I like that it is is not in a glass tub as it is easier to use from a tube applicator. 
The texture is silicon and is a clear colour, which I much prefer to skin coloured primers. It is smooth and is easy to apply to the face, For me personally I think it is an okay primer, it makes my make - up stay on for a longer time, but I don't think it is the best primer out there, because if you apply too much onto the face it ruins my foundation application. I don't think it helps to hide any blemishes or pores on the face, either.
In conclusion, I think it is a decent primer for the price. It makes make - up apply a little smoother and last longer, but the amount of product you use has to be very little for it to work well (for me anyway) and doesn't really cover an blemishes. It does the job though and is a really good price for a primer, I would probably purchase again but it wouldn't be a 'ust have' holy grail product for me. 


  1. I just did a review on my new favourite primer. I mentioned how I think some primers to ruin foundation application and actually make makeup harder to apply, like you mentioned.

    My primers need to be really moisturising to benefit me.

    1. i checked your review out hun sounds good!
      i definitely agree with you there, it puts me off using primer all together sometimes! x

  2. glad i've just read this as i've been eyeing this up in Superdrug for a while now. I totally recommend gosh's primer it's incredible just slightly pricey at £13 but it's amazing, it makes my skin flawless, feel amazing and it keeps my male up on all day xx

    1. oo thanks for the recommendation hun, only tried a handful of gosh eye shadow products but never even thought about their primer! i'll check it out when i'm next in superdrug, thank you :) xx