Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Macadamia Healing Oil Treatment

Macadamia Natural Oil Treatment 10 ml *
Retails at £5.75

I was really pleased to receive a small bottle of Macadamia Healing Oil Treatment in my Bloggers Meet Up Goodie Bag, which also included a deep repair masque which will be reviewed here soon too. 

I had heard a lot about hair oils and had never really delved into this type of hair treatment before. I was a little reluctant to use an oil in my hair as I have naturally oily hair which gets greasy very quickly.
It is advised to use on wet or dry hair, I haven't tried it on dry hair but I use it on damp hair after just being washed and quickly towel dried, where I just drop a small amount onto my fingers and spread the product evenly through my hair. Then blow dry and style as normal.
 I have been using this every other hair wash since I received it, and I have actually noticed it leaves my hair with a glossy finish and feels more silky and soft than usual. It seems to almost tame some of the frizziness my hair always has, and my split ends don't look half as bad after application. I have no idea how it does this but my hair feels much healthier having used this. I have been using it for well over a month now, I haven't noticed huge changes to the condition of my hair but it has made an improvement. It has made me consider buying more hair oils in the future, when before I would never of thought about it. I think the full sized bottles of this are pretty expensive, I am not sure whether I would pay £36 for a full sized bottle for this product as it is pretty expensive, but I would spend the £5.75 for this size, as I still have about a third of it left I think it is a product which would last quite a long time.

What are your thoughts on hair oil treatments?


  1. This has changed my life, I love using this so much on my hair and I have noticed a huge difference, x

    1. thank you gemma it is you that introduced it to me really (meet up) :) x

  2. I love using Macadamia products they are all amazing!
    I use this oil everyday I also did a review on this oil.

    1. i really need to try more of their range sophie! i will check out your review :) xx

  3. I love your blog! Following now, stay in touch xx