Friday, 20 April 2012

Shopping Ban Update: Week 6!

42 days in and 58 days to go, this excites me as I am almost half way through, yay!
Not alot to to tell you all really!
The only money I spend this week was literally on a driving lesson and bus fare on Friday - that is it.
Are you impressed? I am.
I worked three days this week, was at Uni one day and at home doing Uni wrok the rest - I haven't even had chance to look online or in shops nevermind do any shopping!
My week has been veryyyy boring so not a lot to say really!

Thanks to some lovely followers suggestions I have a few ideas for some very exciting future posts (well I think so anyway) so do check back soon!

Weekly Lusts:
Essie Nail Varnish in Funny Face £7.99

A few half empties I've found hidden in my room that I tried to use up this week:

This was how my Tuesday night was spent. Hardcore.

Hope you are all well!
How has your week been?



  1. You're doing SO well. I genuinely do not know how you're doing it!!

    A lot of my nights have been spent like that this week haha!

    Love, Elizabeth xx

    1. Thanks so much chick! haha me too, my life is exciting as this at this minute!! xx

  2. Wow you're doing great! I kind of flopped with my April spending ban.

    You'll have saved so much money by the end of this though! Keep it up :-)

    1. Thank you hun!! Aww, it is so, so difficult though, having money and not being able to spend it! xx

  3. Hiya hun! I've just tagged you in all five of my award tags, head on over to my blog for all of the details!

    Mollie xo

    PS. Space Raiders are the bomb!

    1. Thanks so, so much hun thats so so kind of you! bless you.

      Haha I know right, addicted is not the word! xx