Sunday, 22 April 2012

New Blog Awards!

Hey lovelies, hope you are all well

This is an award post, hence the title. The ever so lovely Mollie has nominated me with not one but 5 awards, what a babe!
Check out her blog, Its pretty amazing if I'm honest, and  a lovely read!

The awards shes nominated me:
Liebster Award
Kreativ Blogger Award
11 Questions



I have previously been nominated for the Versatile Blog Award and Blogger Appreciation Award, so I will put the links to those posts above as I have already answered those questions :)

Liebster Award

For the Liebster Award you have to tag people with less than 200 followers. I love this, because I am a huge, huge fan of reading smaller blogs. The tags will be below! :)

Kreativ Blogger Award

7 Random thoughts about myself:
1. I sometimes think I'm crazy and think my life is like the film with Jim Carey ''
2. I love coffee, my all time true love!!
3. I spend a lot of time talking to myself. This may sound crazy, but I am contstantly speaking to myself at home to remember to do things!
4. I love having a tidy bedroom, but it never seems to stay that way for more than a day :(
5. I am absolutely in love with blogging, I am an avid blog reader and much prefer reading blogs to watching TV
6. My favourite drink (bar coffee) is Ribena or orange juice
7. I have a little obsession with minnie mouse; shes such a Disney icon and so cute!

11 Questions
Questions by Mollie

1. Pink or red nails?
I do love pink nails, but my nails are almost always red when painted. I thik they just give a lovely look to pretty much most outfits, and I think its a really classy nail colour.

2. Who is your role model?
I don't really have one to be honest! I take advice from everyone and look upto so many people, inspired by everyone around me.

3. Your favourite cereal?
To be honest I’m not much of a cereal lover, cause I dont eat breakfast (naughty). But I love weetabix.

4. What are you wearing right now?
A purple buttoned blouse from Dorothy Perkins, with gold beading at the top and is covered in floral patterns and frilling. With a grey/brown loose cardigan from LittleWoods, and some Primark skinny jeans in a pale denim.

5. What is your next post going to be?
I have no idea yet, possibly a makeup review or shopping ban update :)

6. What is your favourite song at the moment?
Its an oldish one but Ive rekindled my love with Drake-Marvins Room

7. What are your bedsheets like?
I have black bed linen. My duvet is also black with white squares at the top and bottom.

8. Name your top three films.
The Hangover
Dirty Dancing

9. What shape sunglasses do you wear?
I don’t know the name of the style, but I like the small, cat – like sunglasses (a little pointed up at the ends) If anyone knows the name of these let me know!

10. What is your haircare routine?
I wash it with shampoo and leave conditioner in my hair for about an hour, wash it off, towel and blow try it, put heat protection spray on it, straighten, then backcomb my hair with hairspray. Bit basic really, I dont do a lot with my hair.

11. Who is your favourite band/singer?
Charlie Simpson/Fightstar

My questions for you:
1. What is your favourite hair look of 2012?
2. What are your holy grail make up items?
3. If you could be any person, who would you be, and why?
4. What is your favourirte coffee/tea?
5. Tell me your current skin care routine.
6. What is your fondest memory?
7. What is the best tips/advice anyone has given you for your make-up/fashion/skin care?
8. Whats your favourite scent/perfume?
9. Your favourite drugstore make up brand?
10. An interesting fact about you.
11. What is one thing you would like to achieve in your lifetime?

Again, a huge thank you to the lovely Mollie for tagging me!

There are a few different (amounts) of people you have to tag for each award, but thought I would just pick three blogs to award, as there are so many!

I tag:

...because I simply love to read your blogs!
Lots of love xxx


  1. Yay! Well done for answering them all!
    I think about my life being like the Truman Show ALL the time! I tend to freak myself out..
    Is it cat eye sunglasses that you wear? If so, I'm incredibly envious! I can't pull off that shape but I think they're so pretty :D

    Mollie xo

    1. Thanks for tagging me babe!
      Haha me too, glad its not just me :D
      YES! Theyre the only ones that work for me, I cant pull off literally any others, especially the big bee like ones (Im useless with names of sunglasses styles) thank you hun xxx