Thursday, 12 April 2012

Fragrance on a Budget: Next Just Red

Next is famous for its best-selling perfumes - I'm sure you have all tried them and loved them.

This review is on Next's Just Red EDT
Price: £12 for 100ml

The good:
The scent is nice if it is worn lightly
The scent is floral, and remind me a little of pot purri
The price is good for a 100ml bottle, as most Next perfumes, they are a reasonable price

The not so good:
The scent, when worn heavily, can be a little overpowering for my own liking, so I would definitely wear it very lightly
The packaging - now, I do think the packaging is OK to look at, but my bottle, maybe it is just mine, is not good - the 'print' on the bottle keeps chipping. I only have to pick it up and there are little bits of this red chipping everywhere!nMy bag was covered in these flakes from the bottle - gross. Its driving me mad, I hadn't knocked it or dropped it or anything!
Would I repurchase:
No - and this has nothing to do with the fragrance - but the chipping bottle has annoyed me too much to buy it again (maybe I'm just fussy haha)

Hope you enjoyed :)
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